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From “Food and Water Watch:

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a new “free trade” agreement being negotiated between the U.S. and 11 other Pacific Rim countries. Like other Free Trade Agreements, this one is basically a permanent power grab by corporations and financial companies that will make it impossible for the citizens of countries joining the TPP to choose what laws and rules they want to live under.

For Americans, it would lead to increased gas exports and increased imported foods, while undermining our domestic laws and increasing the financialization of nature.

TPP was started under George W. Bush but is being pushed — hard — by President Obama. In fact, he is pushing it so hard that he has indicated he will seek “fast track authority” for the negotiating, meaning that he, and whoever comes after him, would be able to negotiate as desired without oversight by Congress. Isn’t the reason our constitution created three federal branches — executive, judicial and legislative — to ensure checks and balances?”

The economic game is rigged against the 99 percent and has been increasingly so for thirty-three years. Now Phil Knight of Nike, the Koch Brothers, Monsanto, The Walton family of Walmart, President Obama, Wall Street Senators Ron Wyden, Diane Feinstein and Mitch McConnell, Wall Street Congress dupes Nancy Pelosi, Earl Blumenauer, Paul Ryan and John Boehner (pronounced Bone-ner), and many more members of the 1 percent are seeking to rig the game against the 99 percent even more with the Trans Pacific Partnership. Don’t let it happen. This could be the final battle in their War Against the Middle Class, the final move to drive most of the 99 percent into banana republic status. Don’t let these most secret trade negotiations in history destroy us. Massive political corruption is driving us to this end. Fight back.

Please click on the link below, fill out the form at the bottom of the page you come to, “and edit the letter as you wish to urge your congressional representatives to stop Obama’s plan to “fast track” secret trade deals.”

Urge Congress to Stop Obama’s Secret Trade Deals–Food and Water Watch

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