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The corporations above spend millions of dollars to ensure you don’t vote to label the GMO poisons in your food, because that’s what they put in the food they sell you. Numerous peer reviewed academic studies demonstrate the harmful health impacts of GMOs.

So why do they stick the GMO poison in their products?

GMO plants have insecticides and pesticides stuffed in them, and you eat that poison when you consume the food. Because they’re in the plants themselves, GMO crops are less labor intensive than regularly produced crops, which reduces the cost of raising GMO corn, soybeans and other food crops, relative to traditionally raised crops, and way less than organic crops. This increases the profits and share prices of the corporations that use GMOs. In other word, your health is less important than ever rising corporate profits to the folks that manage these businesses.

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Wall Street’s US House Republican Mike Pompeo (who represents Monsanto in the US congress) last April called for a nationwide ban to label foods with genetically modified organisms in them, and the bill he sponsored is going to be aired in committee on December 10.  The bill is co-sponsored by Wall Street’s US House Representative G.K. Butterfield (a Democrat who represents Monsanto disguised as a representative of North Carolina). On November 21 of this year the editors of the Oregonian newspaper endorsed the ban, effectively calling for suppressing the votes of people nationwide.

In Oregon, Ballot Measure 92 called for the labeling of foods that contained GMOs. The people voted on it November 4. It’s now in the process of being recounted since the vote was so close. There are hints that the yes votes in some counties were under-counted, as reported by local news media, which is not the same as the corporate news media, which is what the Oregonian newspaper is.

Ballot Measure 92 had strong support among local businesses, such as the Whole Foods and New Seasons Food Store chains. Those opposed to the measure were out-of-state companies such as Pepsico and Monsanto. The editors of the Oregonian newspaper were against Measure 92, which shows how important the national corporate agenda to wipe out democracy for the middle class is to the editors when they can defy local advertisers on behalf of out-of-state multinational corporations.

Ballot Measure 92 was a product of signatures, and a process called an initiative. Under this system, citizens can write a possible law, get enough voter signatures, and the proposal gets on the ballot. Then citizens vote yes or no on the thing. Notice bio-tech corporations and food corporations that poison people by putting GMOs in their food products can’t vote on these initiatives. Which brings us to an important point.

There is no such thing as an initiative process on the national level. In other words, Pompeo, Butterfield, and the editors of the Oregonian newspaper, are proposing to wipe out the initiative process on the state and local levels when it comes to GMOs. In other words, they are planning to steal your right to vote by going through congress. Nice scam, huh?

Most of the Republican Party, a large chunk of the Democratic Party, and most of the corporate propaganda machine disguised as news outlets are moving to destroy your voting rights to make the nation safe for the poisons known as GMOs.

The editors of the Oregonian newspaper insist there are no serious studies that show GMO’s are harmful to human health. Any such studies are under dispute, or so they’ve written in the past. Here’s what they haven’t mentioned; those studies are under dispute only by the GMO corporations and organizations funded by GMO corporations. The plot thickens, doesn’t it?

While there are numerous independent studies showing likely harmful effects by GMOs to humans, there are also two studies we know of that demonstrate possible human health problems with GMOs underwritten by GMO giant Syngenta. Both were kept secret by Syngenta. The editors of the Oregonian have kept us ignorant of these studies. Check out the reports on them below.

The honesty of GMO corporate leadership on this issue, and the honesty of the editors and reporters of the Oregonian newspaper, are similar to the honesty of the leaders of the tobacco corporations when they told us for decades that the use of tobacco had no harmful impacts on humans, and they suppressed their own studies on this issue showing the opposite was true. In other words, they lied. And we’re supposed to trust the GMO corporations?

The editors of the Oregonian, Pompeo and Butterfield know this too, yet they support the same tactics for GMO corporations as the tobacco industry once used. That’s how they keep us ignorant, and allow the 1 percent to roll over us. That is their job.

Syngenta charged with lying over cattle deaths–GM Watch

A Valuable Reputation–the New Yorker

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Ballet measure 92 in Oregon is turning the state into a battle ground.

The editors of the largest and most rapidly declining newspaper in Oregon, The Oregonian, have made it clear that it’s in the public interest not to allow people to know if they’re consuming GMO poisons. Monsanto and Sygenta and other manufacturers of profitable GMO poisons are also for continuing to poison the 99 percent with GMO, and keeping them uninformed about this crime to boot.

The No on 92 campaign reported contributions last week from Pepsico of $250,000. Virtually, all of Pepsico’s products have the poison in them. The same is true of Hersey products, such as their candy bars. Hersey donated $160,000 to stop people from knowing it puts poison in their food products.

J.M. Smucker has donated $147,000, so don’t go eating that rat poison they call food. The McCormick Company has donated $65,000, Ocean Spray has contributed $35,000, and Bumble Bee has added $22,000. These companies want to keep you ignorant and poisoned. Perhaps it’s because there is a potentially trillions of dollars in class actions lawsuits soon to be on the horizon. Don’t let these CEOs get away from the damage they have caused to your health and the health of others.

Meanwhile, many companies want to expose the GMOs in foods, such as Whole Foods, Health Resources (which has donated $550,000 to the Yes on 92 campaign), and Presence Marketing ($200,000).

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