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Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump’s nominee to be the next US Supreme Court justice, is completely unfit for the office. There are a myriad of reasons why this is so. The most damning thing is that he thinks corporations are people.

That’s been the slogan repeated by conservatives for over a hundred years, and yet, corporations are purely and only an idea of a business structure that sprang forth from somebody’s mind and not from a woman’s womb. Conservatives, and Gorsuch in particular, haven’t figured out the difference between babies that spring forth from a woman’s womb, and an idea that originated from a human brain.

Anybody who has not figured out the difference is not mentally fit to sit on the bench of the United States Supreme Court. That really means that none of the conservative justices, and perhaps a few of the liberal justices as well, are not mentally fit to serve on the highest court. Yet, there they are, and that’s because the US Supreme Court is a battle ground between persons with legal rights protected under the US Constitution, and the corporations used by the rich and powerful to take those rights away, as much as possible. The rich have used this argument to provide themselves with greater legal rights through their corporations, since those corporations are managed and largely owned by the 1 percent.

Ergo, the idea that publicly traded limited liability corporations are persons protected by the US Constitution is simply a legalistic slight-of-hand maneuver that has succeeded to undermine the original intent of the founding fathers to establish and protect individual rights, and twist the law in favor of the rich and against the 99 percent. That is the sole purpose of using this lie in legal matters.

Gorsuch takes this anti-original intent further than most conservatives. He ruled that a truck driver should have frozen to death in his tractor rather than abandon his load and get to safety. Whenever possible, he has ruled for corporations and against people, as if working persons are disposable raw material whose sole purpose is to generate profits for corporations. Those profits primarily redound to the benefit of the rich.

Gorsuch does not care about original intent when it comes to the US Constitution. He is a judicial champion of the billionaires and their corporations in their war against the 99 percent.

Who among the founding fathers said that corporations were people? Who among them said that an idea of a business structure from somebody’s mind had the same constitutional protections as a person conceived in a woman’s womb? Not a single one of them said or wrote or implied such a thing, so far as I can discover.


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At one time, corporations were not people and they still aren’t. But the corporate wing of the supreme court has ruled corporations are people and have all of the rights and none of the responsibilities of people. It’s as if Chief Justice Roberts had walked into a tavern, spied the Exxon Mobil having a drink, sat next to it, plied Exxon with drinks, spoke pretty words to it, seduced it, and then took it home for a night of debauchery. Of course, I only mention this to show the obvious. Corporations are not people, but they are a primary vehicle through which income is redistributed from working people to the rich. Also, it’s more likely Exxon Mobil and other corporations have plied the Koch Brothers/corporate wing of the supreme court with tons on favors. Naturally, the corrupt corporate wing of the supreme court led by Justice Roberts recognized that giving these “engines of income and wealth redistribution” the legal rights of people also gave them more power to redistribute income and wealth from the 99 percent to the 1 percent. That’s why the supreme court has decided corporations are people. Click the link below to see the story of how corporations became people.

Click here for the Fascinating Story of How Corporations Became People

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