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It should also be pointed out that much of the drug war is done by private corporate contractors, and these folks take their tax dollars they receive from the tax payers to fight the war on drugs, and use those dollars to purchase US politicians, who are happy to keep the war on drugs going.

So corporate executives, big banks (such as Citibank), US politicians, police, border patrol, and the heads of criminal drug cartels all have incentives to keep the war going, at the expense of everybody else.

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Publicly traded, limited liability corporations are the dominate forms of business structure today, as well as during the past 150 years. This form of business is in its barest form nothing more than “organized money.” The money of rich investors are united into one business, which essentially gives them oligarchic and or monopolistic powers in the various markets into which these business structures reach.

The Reagan tax cuts allowed these corporations and their investors to keep more of their ill gotten gains. They used this extra money to corrupt politicians, such as Wall Street Senator Ronnie Wyden, Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell. These corrupt politicians use their political clout to push more legislation that redistributes income from the 99 to the 1 percent, such as NAFTA and the looming Trans Pacific Partnership, which is the largest income redistribution treaty of all time. The also use their ill gotten gains to gain more tax cuts that destroy jobs, such as these so-called free trade treaties, which are nothing more than income redistribution treaties, and Wall Street Senator Ron “Useful Idiot” Wyden knows this.

The only thing that has been corrupted to the core by the money of the rich not mentioned in the cartoon above is the US Supreme Court. A lot of the lower courts have also been corrupted.

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Police in Tailand Lay Down Their Weapons and Join the Protesters

The Police in Thailand laid down their shields and helmets and joined the protesters.

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A few days ago, the New York Times announced that thousands of workers had (and are still) rioting at the Foxconn Technology factory in Taiyuan, China. Five thousand police had to be called in to quell the riot. Windows were shattered, police cars overturned and fires were set.

One source reported that components for the Apple I-Phone number five are made at the factory.

The cause of the riot is not clear, but some sources say there was an incident between security and workers that triggered the riot. But the reason is probably more widespread than that.

Why are these jobs overseas? The authors of the story, David Barboza and Keith Bradsher, report that “Analysts say worker unrest in China has grown more common because workers are more aware of their rights, and yet have few outlets to challenge or negotiate with their employers.”

In other words, beside the massive difference in pay between workers in the US and in China, the Chinese workers have virtually no rights in the workplace to negotiate pay increases, hours worked, overtime pay, as well as health, safety and environmental standards.

Foxconn has had problems with workers committing suicide on-the-job last year at one of their factories that produced exclusively for Apple, Inc. Here’s another fact; this riots demonstrates that the race to the bottom in China continues, as well as in the USA. The difference between the old wages here in the USA, as well as the higher amount of dollars needed to maintaining higher factory standards, worker safety and environmental standards here, compared to in China, go into the pockets of the rich, (such as the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Wall Street Mitt the Complete Twit Romney) via higher corporate earnings, surging dividends, and rising share prices. That’s why the jobs are in China and not in the USA, where they belong. Standards are higher in the USA.

The rest of us 99 percenters are made to suffer lower standards of living, as our income is redistributed to the 1 percent via trade treaties that all US jobs to be exported or created in foreign nations.

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The Oregonian newspaper is the primary propaganda organ of the one percent in the state of Oregon. The newspaper reported today that the Beaverton School District is going to lay off 344 employees. The district is the third largest in the state. What is conspicuous is what the Oregonian chose not to mention; much of the tax base has been shipped overseas via free trade agreements. It’s true that most school funding in Oregon is derived from property taxes, but it’s equally true that if thousands of jobs have been shipped overseas because of free trade agreements, the people who lose those jobs can’t usually afford a house, or their property taxes. Just look at your country. Where is the housing market going? Down. That’s where.

The same thing occurs when an American based company decides to create jobs overseas, rather than here, when free trade agreements open the door to do so. The people that lose their jobs may get unemployment checks and a foreclosed house.

The Oregonian also doesn’t mention that the difference between the old higher wages here, and the new lower wages there, are pocketed by the one percent via higher corporate profits, enhanced dividends and rising share prices. That’s why the free trade agreements are an income redistribution scam. But the Oregonian staff doesn’t want you to know that. The exact same thing holds true when jobs are created overseas by US companies that normally wouldn’t occur without the free trade agreements.

The Oregonian also hides the fact that they endorse politicians such as Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Senator Ron Wall Street Wyden. Wyden has never met an income distribution trade treaty that he hasn’t liked, because his buddies at the Oregonian and on Wall Street like them. Blumenauer votes for most of them.

Apparently, the folks at the Oregonian think the sole purpose of the US economy is to enrich the one percent at the expense of everybody else. The Oregonian is the Fox News of Oregon. It is the propaganda wing of the one percent in the state. Save yourselves, your school districts, your police and other public services. Save your jobs, save your neighbors. Put the Oregonian out of business by not buying it. Boycott!

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During a night of clashes between police and “occupy wall street” protesters marking the six-month anniversary of the occupation of New York’s Zuccotti Park, citizen journalists captured an intense scuffle between police and a man who was identified as a “medic.” From the video, it appears that the police smashed the man’s head into a reinforced glass window.

The incident occurs at approximately 3:50 in the video embedded below:

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