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One of the big lies about Bernie Sanders is that he cannot win against President Trump in the general election and that the Democrats need to choose a so-called moderate candidate in order to defeat the president in the general election. The DNC and the billionaire controlled corporate news media know this is a lie. Anybody can look at the polls and discover this claim is false.

By moderate candidate, the DNC and the corporate news media mean a Wall Street/billionaire controlled Democratic Party candidate. Quite naturally, a self-made capitalist millionaire like Bernie is labeled by the corporate press as a hardline Stalinist Communist who wants to burn all churches, put every citizen on farm communes, and burn all billionaires at the stake, rather than as the person who wants to restore and reinvigorate the middle class with such policies as Medicare for all, which every advanced capitalist nation has except for the USA.

So how do the preferred Wall Street candidates stack up against Trump in the latest poll?

In the latest Quinnipiac poll, released last week, Joe Biden defeats Trump by 7 percent, Pete Buttigieg wins by 4, Amy Klobuchar is up by 6, and the heavily advertised former Republicon mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, beats the president by 9 percent.

Bernie defeats the president by 8 percent. Sanders beats Trump by a greater margin than all the rest except for Bloomberg. In other words, a billionaire/Wall Street controlled candidate is less likely to defeat the president than Bernie. By the way, the candidate who has positioned herself as being between Bernie and the Wall Street Democrats on public policy, Elizabeth Warren, beats Trump by 4 percent.

I can read the polls as easily as anybody else. Don’t let the DNC and the billionaire controlled corporate propaganda machine (so-called news media) tell you what to think. You can check out most of the latest polls at realclearpolitics.com. Just click on the polls link in the upper left-hand corner.


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In poll after poll Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump by wider margins than does Hillary Clinton. The most recent Fox News poll finds Clinton only up by 3 percent over the Donald, 42 to 39. In Connecticut, another recent poll shows Clinton over Trump 45 to 38, but Bernie stomps the Republican presidential candidate 54 to 35.

These are possibly the two worst candidates in US history. One is a known Wall Street shill who is going to screw the 99 percent over on behalf of her Wall Street buddies, while the other guy is a flawed billionaire businessman who inherited much of his wealth, and who has never held political office.

Look at the numbers above. In the national poll, 19 percent want somebody else to be president if it comes down to a choice between Trump and Clinton. Only 11 percent want somebody else when it comes down to a choice between Sanders and Trump.

People want change because we’ve been getting screwed for the last 35 years. Bernie Sanders represents change, while Hillary represents more Bill Clinton giveaways to Wall Street. As a senator, Hillary chose the big banks over main street time and time again.

Trump? We don’t know what he really stands for. The worse part is that the Republican Establishment is already attacking him via their many sources, such as USA Today. Of course, he’s also said a ton of things that aren’t true.

Change is on its way via a recession greater than the Great Recession of 2007-2009. Change is coming, but it’s not going to happen this year. That recession will strike somewhere between June 2017 and June 2018. See The Next Recession Is Going to be A Big One!–JohnHively.Wordpress.com

Bernie Sander’s has built a people’s movement to retake our democracy. As this hurricane force of a recession plays out, the change is going to come. The next presidential election will see old ideas and politicians swept out of office, and the political revolution will sweep into office.

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A new Marquette Law School poll released yesterday shows that Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin by 49-45, raising the possibility that Sanders will win there. However, as Sanders continues to develop his message and grassroots support, it is likely he will defeat Hillary by a larger margin. Many months ago, Hillary was beating Bernie by 50 points in Wisconsin.

In addition, a new LA Times poll shows Sanders beating Clinton 45 to 37 percent. Sanders came from way back. And just like in Wisconsin, Bernie’s lead is likely to grow.

In my lifetime, we’ve seen the 1 percent go from getting 8 percent of the total income produced in the United States to 37 percent. I’ve seen tens of millions of jobs exported overseas, and the difference between the old higher US pay and the new lower overseas pay goes straight into the pockets of the 1 percent via higher corporate earnings, rising dividends, and surging share prices. I’ve seen a government and both its major political parties become intensely corrupted by that money. Bernie says enough is enough. I agree, and so do a lot of other people. The more his message gets out, the more people flock to him.

As for Hillary. It becomes difficult to like Clinton as more people get to know about her ties to Wall Street, her support for exporting jobs overseas, her support for deregulating Wall Street way back when, and her strong backing for legislation making it more difficult for people to go bankrupt, which helps the big banks who support her. And that’s just a few of the things people don’t like about her.

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Bernie Sanders beats them all in general election polls released yesterday. If the general election were held today, Clinton would lose to every Republican candidate, except Donald Trump. A Fox News poll shows Clinton defeating Trump by five points. Sander’s on the other hand, wipes Trump out by fifteen points, and defeats every Republican candidate.

Hillary’s financial ties to Wall Street, and her bad habit of habitually lying, most likely account for her poor showing. Trump has made some outrageous claims, such as being able to force the government of Mexico to pay for the building of a border Wall. Feuding with Pope Francis perhaps hasn’t helped him either. Perhaps that is why he polls so badly, compared to the other Republican candidates. On the other hand, Trump is not so far in the polls behind Clinton. He’s almost within any margin of error.

No doubt, the voters of both major political parties aren’t happy with the direction of the nation, and the corruption at the top of both parties. That’s probably why Sanders is catching up to Clinton in a few national polls, and why Trump is leading the Republican pack.

Yesterday’s general election poll numbers are below.

Trump vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 47, Trump 42 Clinton +5

Cruz vs. Clinton FOX News Cruz 46, Clinton 45 Cruz +1

Rubio vs. Clinton FOX News Rubio 48, Clinton 44 Rubio +4

Bush vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 45, Bush 46 Bush +1

Kasich vs. Clinton FOX News Kasich 47, Clinton 44 Kasich +3

Trump vs. Sanders FOX News Sanders 53, Trump 38 Sanders +15

Trump vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 44, Trump 43 Clinton +1

Cruz vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Cruz 46, Clinton 43 Cruz +3

Rubio vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Rubio 48, Clinton 41 Rubio +7

Kasich vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Kasich 47, Clinton 39 Kasich +8

Bush vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 43, Bush 44 Bush +1

Trump vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 48, Trump 42 Sanders +6

Cruz vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 49, Cruz 39 Sanders+10

Rubio vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 47, Rubio 41 Sanders +6

Kasich vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 45, Kasich 41 Sanders +4


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According to Ecowatch, “By an overwhelming margin, American voters say consumers should have the right to know if their food is genetically modified, with 89 percent in support of mandatory GMO labeling, according to a new national poll. Nearly the same number of consumers would like to see the labels in an easy to read format.


The survey by the Mellman Group confirms previous polls that found heavy support for GMO labeling. The new poll shows labeling is supported by large majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents, as well as people with favorable or unfavorable views of GMOs. Overall, 77 percent of respondents were strongly in favor of labeling.”

“Everyone needs information to make informed food choices, not just those who have smart phones,” said Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch. “There is no acceptable substitute for mandatory on-package labeling of GMO food.”

The poll, commissioned by a coalition of consumer and environmental groups, comes at a timely moment. In Congress, some lawmakers want to add a provision to the omnibus spending bill that would block states from requiring GMO labels for produce and processed food, as would the so-called DARK Act passed by the House last summer.

In other words, politicians and their GMO masters want to keep you in the dark by stealing your voting rights on the state and national levels, which is a clear violation of your constitutional rights. If the Dark Act fails in the senate, which is unlikely, the politicians have an end run around that. It’s called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). This international income and voting rights redistribution agreement, fraudulently marketed as a free trade agreement, will, among other things, redistribute massive amounts of income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent, and steal your rights to vote on many issues, including GMO labeling. Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden has guided this monster through the US senate on behalf of his corporate masters.

I should also point out that numerous academic studies on GMO’s have linked them to such things as tumors, cancer, autism, obesity, and much more. For more on this, click scientist-who-discovered-gmos-cause-tumors-in-rats-wins-landmark-defamation-lawsuit-in-paris–Healthnutnews

The fact that all independent studies show health hazards, which the US food Drug Administration dutifully ignores in deference its GMO corporate masters, shows how corrupt to the core the US government has become.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved last month the sale of genetically engineered salmon—which grows to maturity twice as fast as normal salmon and is cobbled together from the genes of different species—but the FDA will not require the salmon to be labeled. This demonstrates the corruption.

“Americans have yet again expressed an overwhelming desire to know what’s in their food,” said Jean Halloran, director of food policy initiatives for Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports. “Shoppers want to see clear labels on food packaging that tell them if products are made with genetically engineered ingredients without having to use confusing codes or smartphone apps. We hope lawmakers hear consumers’ call for meaningful, mandatory national GMO labeling.”

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A decade in the making, the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) reached a climax two weeks ago when corporations paid enough money to politicians in the US Senate and the House of Representatives to give President Obama Fast Track Authority, which makes it easier to ramrod the TPP through congress against the wishes of the US public. The TPP is the largest income and political power redistribution scam in US history, but it’s being falsely being marketed as a free trade agreement. Congress must still pass the TPP, and that is not necessarily a done deal. However, big money talks louder, and is more important to politicians, than voters, as noted during the debate over fast track authority. Click on the link below for a reasonably good analysis by the Guardian UK. 54 percent of US voters were against giving Fast Track Authority to the president. This is proof enough democracy does not exist on the federal level in the USA.

Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill–The Guardian

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By a wide margin, a recent study showed that American citizens want shared prosperity. Moreover, the vast majority of workers—85% to 90%–wanted a greater collective say at the workplace than they had. Moreover, most workers thought that greater representation and voice to employees at their workplace would be good for their firm as well as for them. Perhaps that’s because most CEO’s are clueless idiots.

The problem with shared prosperity is simple; the 1 percent have bought off corrupt politicians like Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden. The senator goes out of his way to ensure that income is redistributed to his corporate masters and the rest of the 1 percent via things like free trade treaties and privatizing Medicare. That’s why economist Paul Krugman calls Wyden a useful idiot of the right. But Wyden isn’t an idiot, not completely, he’s just a Wall Street fetch boy.

In another finding, the proportion of workers who want unions has risen substantially over the last 10 years, and a majority of nonunion workers would vote for union representation if they could. This is up from the roughly 30% who would vote for representation in the mid-1980s, and the 32% to 39% in the mid-1990s.

Click on the link below for the full study.

Do Americans Want Shared Prosperity?

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Eighty-four percent of American citizens think the income tax rate should be increased on people who earn over $250,000 a year. The majority of Americans also want to reduce spending on the corporate welfare program known as military spending, and they want to raise the tax rate on investment income. All of these proposals would result in the creation of jobs and a more robust economy, although it’s not really enough. Look for Obama to backtrack on letting some or all of the Bush tax cuts expire, which would disappoint the vast majority of Americans who voted for him, but why should he care? He is a lame duck president.

The Pew Research Center has surveyed the American people. The Graphs show what the people want and what the rich folks who run the Republican party want. The American people are in blue, the Republicons are in red.

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Elizabeth Warren, a middle class warrior, is running for the US senate in Massachusetts against Wall Street Senator Scott Brown. Warren is up by seven points in the latest polls by Suffolk University/7NEWS. Check out Warren in the video below. By the way, one of Brown’s closest allies in the senate is Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, a jerk who has rigged the system in favor of Wall Street while voting to destroy the middle class whenever possible.

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The latest polls show Elizabeth Warren up against Wall Street Senator Scott Brown by three and five points. Wall Street and its allies have dumped a ton of money into the race to support Brown. Below is one of Warren’s latest advertisements.

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