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How things have changed! Back in the 1960’s, Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring warned about the human health dangers caused by insecticides. Industrial pollution ensured that US lakes and rivers caught fire. In 1970, conservative Republican US President Richard Nixon signed the legislation creating the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s job was to clean up the pollution. The result is that much of that US industrial pollution has been exported to China, India and elsewhere.

US business leaders have long chafed under the chains of the EPA. The more pollution these folks are allowed to create, the more profits their corporations earn, the higher corporate share and bond prices rise. So big business has conspired to takeover the EPA, so as to bend the rules to their favor.

Scott Pruitt, a loyal servant of the profit needs of big oil now heads the EPA. President Franklin Roosevelt once said that businessmen had made certain that government had become an appendage of their profit making before he took office. Pruitt is now in position to ensure the EPA does not do its job in the USA. So expect human health considerations to be shunt aside in favor of the profit desires of big oil and Koch Industries, because as Attorney General of Oklahoma, that is precisely how he defined his job, as you can see from the video above.

Most of the politicians governing the US today are among the most corrupt in world history, and that includes US corporate apparatchiks, such as Mitch McConnell and Ron Wyden.

Think about this. Nixon is considered to have been one of the most corrupt president’s in US history. He was a man who’s crimes were considered so great that he was forced to resign from his office. Yet he ignored the advice and bribes of his corporate sponsors to create the EPA. And the crimes he committed pale in comparison to President Bush lying us into war, or to embroil us in the Iran-Contra scandal.

Something has gone terribly wrong with the USA since Nixon. Crimes are committed by people in high office, and there is no concern for punishment, because the criminals are in charge of the white house, the senate, the US house of representatives, and the US supreme court. There’s no one to answer to for ones crimes in government nowadays. The US government is rotten through the core with corruption.

Yet, there is an economic hurricane just around the corner. When that hits, we’ll be able to clean house, like FDR did in 1933. Get ready.

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Who Gets What From the Keystone Pipeline?

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One photograph is worth a thousand words

US corporations have shipped hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of US jobs from the US to China. These corporations exported jobs from the US in part because they could avoid US environmental laws. The result is that the US has exported massive amounts of pollution to China, and with all the health benefits and carbon emissions, and I mean that sarcastically if accurately.

In February 2013, the Guardian reported that, “Beijing residents were urged to stay indoors on Thursday as pollution levels soared before a sandstorm brought further misery to China’s capital.

A thick blanket of smog covered large swathes of the country in the morning, causing residents to once again dig out face-masks as China’s grueling winter of pollution continues.

The noxious haze saw the US embassy’s air quality index reading for Beijing hit 516 at 6am, signaling air quality worse than the highest classification of hazardous.”

That’s one of the cool things about free trade if you’re a member of the 1 percent. Profits before people, the environment and life itself. In other words, those who support free trade while claiming that it helps the environment are lying, and they know it.

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What Did We Learn in Kindergarten?

Share, be honest, work hard, have fun, Clean up after yourself. Save the Earth?

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There was a reason why Apple Inc. builds their stuff in China and Taiwan and elsewhere; some of it has to do with money, but there are other reasons, as well. An example is provided below.

“The chemical n-hexane used in the Taiwanese-owned Wintek factory caused dozens to faint, fall ill and complain of headaches and other mild symptoms. But many workers were hit harder, suffering nerve damage in their hands and feet from exposure to the chemical, the use of which is regulated in China. The lasting impact of their exposure to the toxin remains unknown, and Apple has repeatedly ignored requests for comment on the situation. They did mention the case in their 2010 corporate supplier report, but said the matter had been solved.”

The full story is below.

Steve Jobs death doesn't absolve Apple Inc.

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