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Amanda Fritz for Portland City Commissioner

For the last four years, Mayor Sam Adams has refused to give City Commissioner Amanda Fritz a significant city bureau to manage, most likely because he is a puppet of wealthy special interests and she is not. That is something that rich developers, otherwise known as the powers behind the throne, cannot tolerate. They want her isolated and rendered irrelevant. That means she is focused on delivering city services to the people, rather than opening up the city coffers to developers in the form of profitable boondoggle projects that don’t do much good. Fritz’s opponent, Mary Nolan, is a well heeled lap dog of developers, so if she is elected we can expect business as usual with the developers in control of city hall. It’s strange. The developers love and trust Adams, but I wouldn’t trust him in the city bathroom with my teenage son, especially on city time. So vote for Fritz for good government; vote for the developers and boondoggle projects by voting for “Boondoggle” Mary Nolan.

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Jefferson Smith should be the next mayor of Portland, Oregon. Why? The developers that run city hall don’t like him, so he can’t easily be purchased like a can of tomatoes, such as his rivals Charlie “Wall Street” Hales and Eileen “Loves Developer’s Boondoggles” Brady. Mr. Smith is against the new Columbia River Crossing Bridge, which nobody in their right mind would want since it does nothing to improve traffic conditions on the I-5 freeway; but Brady and Hales support it to the tune of roughly half a billion bucks, but then they’re not in their right minds; they’re in the pockets of the developers.

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Video of Amanda Fritz for City Council!

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The Oregonian writer Steve Duin wrote a nice piece about teacher cutbacks at Franklin High School coming in the next few months. He only told the effects, and I asked him to write about what has caused these cutbacks. Below is a link to his well written column, and below that is my response.

At Portland's Franklin High School, the Bell Tolls for…Them

Dear Steve Duin,
I appreciate your nice, but short-sighted, story titled, “At Franklin, the bell tolls for…them.” You quote teacher Portia Hall as saying, “’I’ve been teaching for fifteen years, and I’ve never had a year when we didn’t cut. Even when times were good.’”

Why don’t you tell the whole story about school funding and teacher cut backs? Why don’t you write about how free trade treaties have shipped jobs and much of the tax base overseas? Why don’t you write about how those treaties make it more profitable for American businesses to create jobs in other nations rather than here? Why don’t you write about how the difference between the old higher wages in the US and the new lower wages over there go into the pockets of Wall Street fat cats and other rich people via higher corporate profits, enhanced dividends and rising share prices? The people that lose those jobs wind up searching for work. That’s not a very good trade. This leads to a good question.

What are the federal government and the American economy for? Is it to redistribute more income to the already rich at the expense of working people? That’s been happening for the last thirty years.

These agreements are the primary reason why the rich are getting richer. They’re why the one percent received 93 percent of total US income growth from 2009 to 2010.

Why is the tax base crumbling? Why are teachers being laid off three years after the official end of the recession? Why can’t the economy create over 12 million jobs with rising real wages nowadays, like it did when Jimmy Carter was president and the economy and the population were only about 60 percent the size of what they are now? Why have only 4 million jobs with declining real wages and salaries been created in the twelve years since George W. Bush took office? Why is the economy so weak?

Free trade “income redistribution” agreements are the greatest reasons the one percent receive nearly 25 percent of the total US income nowadays compared with about 8 percent under Carter. The result has been devastating to the 99 percent in lost jobs, declining real income, demand too weak to create jobs in the US at previous levels, evaporating tax bases, teachers voting to strike in Gresham-Barlow and the Parkrose districts. These agreements are also the primary reasons why Portia Hall has never seen “a year we didn’t cut.”

Just open your eyes and look at those free trade treaties and ask yourself what the upcoming Trans Pacific Free Trade Agreement is going to do to 99 percent of Americans. If it’s implemented, the agreement is going to redistribute even more income to the one percent from the 99 percent, leading to more jobs shipped overseas, jobs created in other nations rather than here, shrinking tax bases, cutbacks in education, police, firefighters and all kinds of government positions and programs that the 99 percent rely upon. Are these the results we want from our federal government and our economy? I don’t think so, but that’s what we’ve got.

So I ask you again, Why don’t you write about the causes, as well as the effects? Why don’t you tell the whole story?

Warmest Regards,

John Hively

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