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Bernie Sanders Surges In California


Bernie Sanders has surged into a statistical tie with Wall Street’s candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton in the California primary to be held next month.

The survey, conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California, finds Clinton with only a small lead over Sanders, 46 percent to 44 percent, among likely voters in the Democratic primary next month.

This means Bernie will likely win California since Bernie voters turn out in greater numbers than those who will vote for the Wall Street candidate.

The PPIC poll shows the race breaking along familiar lines. Sanders holds a large advantage among younger voters — leading 66 percent to 27 percent among voters under age 45 — while Clinton leads, 59 percent to 28 percent, among voters 45 and older.

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If anything is clear, it’s that Hillary Clinton has shot her wad in the Democratic primary campaign. The battle for the South is over and Bernie Sanders has lost, but the battle for the west, the Midwest, the mid-Atlantic states, and New England is shaping up to be a total path to victory for the senator from Vermont.

True, Clinton won the South decisively, but strangely, and what it not typically reported in the press, is that Sanders took Minnesota and Colorado by large margins. He wiped out Clinton, as expected in Vermont. He also trounced her in Oklahoma.

Sanders has leads in Washington, Oregon, and California. He’ll most likely take the rest of New England, and perhaps even the remaining states in the Midwest, and the mid-Atlantic. This battle isn’t over until those rounds are finished.

The national press has done its best to keep us in the dark about Bernie’s chances, and in most cases there’re telling us he has none. Hogwash! The corporate press is in the tank for Hillary. There were plenty of polls broadcast by the corporate news media about how Bernie was going to lose in the South, but nary a word about how he was leading in those Super Tuesday states of Oklahoma, Colorado, Vermont and Minnesota.

That’s to keep us in the dark about Bernie’s real chances, which are getting better every day. Bernie took the Hispanic vote from Hillary in Nevada, and only grows stronger with them. In South Carolina, Hillary took an overwhelming margin of African-American voters over 30 years old, but had a much slimmer thirteen point margin among those under thirty.

jon stewart on Bernie Sanders
Clinton’s campaign relied heavily on the African-American vote in the South, but that group is a much smaller percentage of the Democratic voting base elsewhere, such as on the west coast.

The road ahead is clear for Sanders. His fundraising and number of supporters are increasing, not decreasing. Clinton, meanwhile, grows weaker. True, she might be able to hang on to her large lead, but it’s not God given.

Instead, the South appears to be her high water mark. The path to the Democratic nomination is straight ahead, and it’s heading straight into Bernie Sanders country. Wall Street CEO’s and investors, as well as their Democratic nominee, should be shaking in their boots at the prospect.

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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took questions from the press after speaking to 2,000 people in Dubuque, Iowa. The object of the corporate press is to keep the eyes of the 99 percent off the issues. One blogger asked Senator Sanders if he thought his rumpled hair got as much press time as Hillary Clinton’s hair. Sander’s eloquently explained to the reporter that he was running for president on serious issues, and that the question of hair wasn’t something worth answering. He went on to explain what his campaign was about, and in the video, Bernie explains the issues of the day, which few of the candidates for US president this year want to discuss. While Bernie wants to discuss growing income inequality, Hillary and others want to discuss hair and the dangers of ISIS slipping something into your chips and beer during college football season. It’s a great video and worth a look.

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Something unprecedented is going to happen tonight. Will you be able to say that you were a part of it?

Wednesday, July 29—in 3,146 homes, town squares, coffee shops and union halls, more than 82,000 people who support Bernie Sander’s campaign will participate in their first organizing meeting. They will see Bernie via live video, make new friends and help build the movement that’s taking our country back from the billionaire class.

Will you be a part of it?

Click below if you are interested.

Yes, I want to be a part of this. Which meetings can I go to?


I can’t make it, but I am willing to contribute $10 to help support these meetings

We’ve got the people on our side—not the billionaires. Your small donations pay for the basic infrastructure that allows this movement to grow and grow and grow.

Here’s what history looks like. Each dot on this map is an organizing meeting happening Wednesday night:


No other presidential campaign has had this many grassroots events this early on in the race—not even President Obama. That’s what I mean when I say tonight will be historic.

At tonight’s organizing meetings, supporters in your community will meet each other and share their stories about why they support Bernie. Then there will be a live video of Bernie speaking about what our next steps will be to build our campaign in your neighborhood.

It’s going to be a big night. Take back your government. Join us.

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Take the short poll by clicking on the link below. It turns out I should be voting for the Pacific Green Party candidate, rather than Obama. Find out where you stand.

Take the presidential quiz-click here

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“And greed — you mark my words — will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the U.S.A.”

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