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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took questions from the press after speaking to 2,000 people in Dubuque, Iowa. The object of the corporate press is to keep the eyes of the 99 percent off the issues. One blogger asked Senator Sanders if he thought his rumpled hair got as much press time as Hillary Clinton’s hair. Sander’s eloquently explained to the reporter that he was running for president on serious issues, and that the question of hair wasn’t something worth answering. He went on to explain what his campaign was about, and in the video, Bernie explains the issues of the day, which few of the candidates for US president this year want to discuss. While Bernie wants to discuss growing income inequality, Hillary and others want to discuss hair and the dangers of ISIS slipping something into your chips and beer during college football season. It’s a great video and worth a look.

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The structure of the propaganda machine in their war against the middle class.

For an example of this propaganda see Why gasoline prices are rising; How the Corporate Propaganda Machine Lies to You

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For those of you not in the know, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is the guy who last week engineered the deal to force Syria to give up its chemical weapons. That didn’t help the US military-industrial complex create more profits with US military action, which would have resulted in high profits for them at the expense of the 99 percent. The rest  of the world gets the real story, while those of us in the US get bull shit information that has nothing or little to do with the what’s going on in the real world. We don’t have a free press; we have a corporate propaganda machine, far beyond just the Fox Propaganda Network. It works exactly and for the same reason as Noam Chomsky says below.

This is precisely why we don’t hear about the Trans Pacific Partnership, the “Nafta on Steroids of free trade,” which will gut state and local environmental, health and safety laws, drive up prescription drug prices, likely curtail internet freedom, and redistribute political rights and income from the 99 percent to the 1 percent. This treaty will also rob us of precious tax dollars for local and state services, schools, fire and police. That money will be redistributed to the 1 percent.

This is precisely why the press refuses to investigate the obvious; the massive amount of income redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent over the last thirty-three years is primarily created by these free trade agreements. Politicians such as Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden know this, editors of every major propaganda outlet know this, but we’re not supposed to know this, as well as a lot of other things, so they’re going to keep the debate within the narrow confines of misleading corporate propaganda. But this debate will be lively.

As for the economy, this is just another way the game is rigged for the 1 percent and against the 99 percent.

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The US corporate press dutifully castigated Venezuela President Hugo Chavez whenever possible. There were several reasons why and most of them are in the poster below. In addition to those reasons, Chavez stood up to Big Oil and nationalized the oil industry, stood up to to rich vested interests of his own nation, survived a US backed coup, won honest elections (unlike George W. Bush), established universal health care for his nation, and because of all of this Wall Street hated him. He was the great threat to US corporatism. What US president since Franklin Roosevelt can boast of any of those accomplishments, as well as those below?

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