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Two academic studies have been made about the effect of Seattle’s minimum wage increase from $9.47 to $15 an hour on food service workers. The increase is taking place over seven years.

A study from Jacob Vigdor of the University of Washington (UW) showed the minimum wage increase was bad for everybody in just about every way. Vigdor, of course, has a clear right-wing political ax to grind. Besides the UW, Vigdor is also a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an institute funded by the Koch brothers and other billionaires opposed to the minimum wage in general. The principal purpose of AEI is to influence public opinion in favor of the billionaires with lies and distortions, as well as truths if possible, disguised as scholarly research papers. It’s all patently propaganda coming from this think tank.

Vigdor has also been a contributing scholar with the Manhatten Institute, another right-wing billionaire-funded so-called think tank, whose principal purpose is the same as the right-wingers at AEI. The sponsors are also opposed to the minimum wage in general.

Quite naturally, the corporate media, both liberal and conservative, reported Vigdor’s negative findings on Seattle’s minimum wage rise as a fact when, in reality, they were fiction. This is how corrupt academia and the corporate news media have become with the influence of billionaire dollars into those fields.

Another, almost completely unreported study of the effects of Seattle’s minimum wage increase from the University of California-Berkeley (UC) showed the exact opposite of Vigdor’s lying propaganda on behalf of Wall Street and other billionaires. Note that the last thing most editors of conservative and liberal news sources, as well as fake news sources such as Fox News, want you to know is that the increase in minimum wages is good for the nation’s economy because it raises the demand for goods and services, rather than provide rising dividends and share prices for billionaire shareholders, which sucks the power out of the economy. That’s why the result of the UC study is unmentionable in the propaganda news media.

According to Michael Reich, lead researcher on the UC team, Vigdor’s research made certain to carefully gerrymander the statistics by omitting nearly half of Seattle’s low paid workers, “by omitting franchises and other businesses with more than one establishment. Seattle’s ordinance is aimed at low-wage, multistate companies, requiring the fastest wage increase to be paid by firms with more than 500 employees worldwide that do not provide health insurance.” In addition, Vigdor’s lying propaganda included only those jobs paying $19 an hour or less in food service, but job gains in higher paid positions in food service far outnumbered job losses in lower paid positions.

What happened? Seattle’s lowest-paid workers began spending their newly raised wages and local businesses began to thrive. When low-wage workers earn more they spend more.

Last February, Marketplace reported that Bill Phelps, CEO of Wetzel’s Pretzels, which grossed $165 million in 2016 from over 300 stores, had opposed minimum wage increases because he feared it would hurt profits, and that sales would fall if he needed to raise prices to compensate. Both times California raised its minimum wage, sales at his California stores immediately shot up. “I was stunned by the business,” Phelps told Marketplace.

This is precisely why all Americans, including wealthy shareholders, have a stake in raising the minimum wage above $15 an hour.

Watch out for the conservative propaganda in which its sole propose is to persuade you of something that benefits the billionaires only and at your expense.

Author of minimum-wage-study-has alarming-alliances–The Progressive

Letter to Seattle mayor from Michael Reich of the University of California-Berkeley

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There is a great right-wing Republican conspiracy to rewrite history, And there is a Democratic Party conspiracy to rewrite history. All of this is to misinform us, to divide the 99 percent, making it easier to financially rape us on behalf of the 1 percent.

The first duty of each major political party is to listen to their respective voter bases and tell them what they want to hear in terms of social issues. The second duty of the respective leadership of each political party is to reach relatively across the aisle to each other, and use the levers of government to financially rape and pillage the 99 percent on behalf of the 1 percent.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive income and wealth redistribution scam the political big boys called an international trade agreement was a case in point. The TPP had virtually nothing to do with trading goods and services.

The leading parasites of the Republican Party want us to believe that fewer governmental regulations and tax cuts for the rich will unleash greater prosperity. And it does, but almost exclusively for the rich, and exclusively at the expense of the rest of us. The leadership doesn’t want you to know that the big money boys exercise quite a bit of market and political power, and they use this to rape and pillage the rest of us financially.

When this era’s tax cuts for the rich and fewer regulations began in 1981, the rich went from capturing 8 percent of all the income in the USA to 37+ percent today. The US middle class has declined from 61 percent of the population in 1970 to 49 percent today. That’s what occurs when the government redistributes income from the 99 to the 1 percent. But the Republicans are not alone in causing these numbers. Far from it.

The Democratic Party has a different voter constituency than the Republican Party, such as labor unions. So the Democratic leadership has unleashed a rainstorm of misinformation over the last several years about how technology is destroying jobs, thereby creating a job shortage. Economists have been predicting this result for over two hundred years, and they’re still wrong. What we’ve discovered over those 20 decades is that technology creates more jobs than it destroys, but the leadership doesn’t want us to know this.

Think about how the computer industry displaced the typewriter industry and created tens of millions more jobs than the old industry supported. The same thing is also true of the auto industry transplanting the horse and buggy manufacturers. Notice nobody is suggesting that technology is replacing workers in China, Vietnam or Germany, for that matter. To see how this propaganda works, check out A Review of Robert Reich’s AfterShock–JohnHively.wordpress.com

The news media always falls in line and prints whatever lies the leadership’s present, depending on the biases of the editors, and their advertisers. Their financial lifeblood is advertising money, and it comes from the big boys. Of course, they need to have viewer and or readership numbers or no corporations would pay for advertising. So, for example, most of the New York Times readers are liberals. Thus, the Times editors make certain to appeal to their readers on social issues, while supporting their corporate and political advertisers with make-believe, lies, and failure to report certain issues to their readers. The corporate news media whose readers possess a more conservative frame of mind follow the same formula.

The Democratic leadership, for example, and their allies point to technology as the primary culprit because the leadership has continuously supported exporting tens of millions of US jobs since Democratic President Bill Clinton caved into Wall Street and signed NAFTA. Wall Street has since prospered, while main street has been massively eviscerated, along with the American dream.

As corporate money has flooded higher education, this propaganda has also taken root in academia, but that is another story.

Like the Republican leadership, the Democratic leadership hides their real motives behind patently false propaganda in order to rape us financially. In the meanwhile, both leadership’s will issue proclamations about wars against women, and wars against Christmas, and rally the base around bathrooms for transgender people or wars against guns.

Don’t fall for this propaganda. Instead of remaining divided on social issues, unite on economic issues.

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The corporate news media does not operate independently, especially of the influence of its advertisers, and its editors, and that is why they prefer to keep you ignorant of certain facts. For example, when China manipulates its currency, this increases the profits of US corporations manufacturing there, and exporting those products to the USA. See https://johnhively.wordpress.com/2016/02/12/the-trans-pacific-partnership-the-op-ed-the-liberal-and-conservative-corporate-media-doesnt-want-you-to-see/

That’s precisely why US government and Federal Reserve officials castigate the Chinese government for doing this, but then do absolutely nothing to counteract it. To do so would cut into the profits of Nike, Microsoft, Dell, Campbell’s Soups, and thousands of other US corporations making stuff in China for export to the USA. This would make thousands of CEO’s and rich investors angry enough to cut off campaign contributions to Republican and Democratic Parties and their politicians. It would also send stock prices tumbling big time. Sweet lobbying jobs after politicians leave office would end. Corporate paid vacations called fact finding missions would disappear for politicians, as would money under the table, and those sweet speeches at $200,000+ a pop would vanish.

The Oregon Democratic Primary is coming up in a couple weeks, and Bernie Sanders is leading in the polls here. Quite naturally, the Oregonian newspaper is blitzing its readers with anti-Sanders messages in the form of editorials and news stories. The editors are doing everything they can to shift the election to the Wall Street candidate.

There has not been one positive or even neutral story about Sanders in the newspaper in the last two months, which is most likely a symptom of why the Oregonian has been suffering from a continuously declining readership. The newspaper is just a ghost of what it once was because more and more Oregon citizens realize the newspaper is mostly propaganda for the 1 percent along with occasional legitimate news stories.

Over thirty-five million jobs have been exported from the United States over the last twenty-five years. The Oregonian editors, along with all other corporate news outlets, have been careful to not report this loss of jobs and the tax dollars that once came with them when they were still here. The tax dollars lost equal nearly a trillion dollars a year.

Everything that Bernie wants to finance; free college tuition, medicare for all, and more, would be easily financed if those jobs were still here, rather than in China, Vietnam and elsewhere.

Bernie Sanders is against those disastrous trade policies which have paved the legal road for exporting jobs overseas, and which has paved the legal road for creating jobs over there, instead of over here. So, quite naturally, the editors of the Oregonian are for them, and against Bernie. It would be in the interest of the vast majority of US citizens to put an end to these international income and political power redistribution scams, falsely marketed by the Oregonian editors and other supporters as international trade agreements.

But it would not be in the interests of the Oregonian advertisers and their rich investors to put an end to them. It also would force the Oregonian editors to be responsible and objective journalists. However, challenging cherished beliefs with critical thinking, logic, and facts is among the last thing many people want to do. That’s precisely why the Oregonian editors support the Wall Street candidate; Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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In Quebec today, 400,000 public workers and teachers went on strike protesting lagging contract talks. In the United States, you’d be lucky to get 40 people to a strike. That’s because the corporate propaganda machine has smeared the labor union name, and too many US citizens have bought into the lies, even as their jobs have been shipped overseas, their wages have been crushed, their benefits eroded, and the value of their lost incomes, in terms of benefits and wages, have been redistributed to the 1 percent. That’s why and how the 1 percent in the United States steal over 37 percent of the income produced yearly, compared to only 10 percent in Canada.

That means the 99 percent earn 90 percent of the income per year in Canada, compared to 63 percent in the US. This gives the Canadian 99 percent more money to purchase goods and services, which creates jobs and stimulates growth in Gross Domestic Product, wages and benefits. In the USA, where the 99 percent earn 92 percent of the income, but receive only 63 percent, because the rich have stolen it from them via federal and state legislation, the demand for goods is considerably slacker than in Canada.

What’s the difference between corporate propaganda in Canada and in the United States?

In Canada, there are rules regarding honesty in public broadcasting. Much of the lying propaganda put out by the US cable and major news (propaganda) networks over the last thirty years has not been broadcast into Canada. This is true as well for the right wing radio talk shows that unofficially operate as a propaganda machine for US corporations. Fox News, for example, cannot be broadcast into Canada because the company would violate the honesty clause governing Canadian news broadcasts. However, you can get Fox in Canada via satellite.

The laws in Canada governing honesty in reporting include the Radio Act and other policies, that prohibit “any false or misleading news.” These “provisions against spreading misinformation used to be part of Canada’s criminal code, according to Canadian media lawyer Paul Schabas. They were famously evoked to send Holocaust denier and neo-Nazi publisher Ernst Zündel to trial in the 1980s. After the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that the code violated freedom of expression rights and thus was unconstitutional, the false news provisions became simply regulations.”

Honesty, in other words, is the key difference as to why the US labor movement is declining in numbers, while the labor movement is growing in Canada.

Click right here for more on the Quebec strikes from Revolution News.

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The first duty of any editor of the corporate propaganda corps, sometimes mislabeled a free press, is to manipulate the sentiments of their readers so that those feelings are in harmony with the political and economic goals of the 1 percent, which, coincidentally, are their advertisers, such as Microsoft, Apple Inc, Motorola, Shell Oil, Exxon, and all the other big money players in politics.

One of those sentiments is apathy and perhaps hatred of your fellow 99 percenters. So there’s always news stories about those who are gaming the system, but only of the small folk. The press also wants you to feel sympathy with the people and corporations that are robbing you blind, the rich folks.

That’s why they’re always going to have negative stories about people on SNAP, or unemployment benefits, and virtually nothing but positive things said about the tax money you pay toward the rich, such as corporate subsidies, and defense spending. There are massive profits in these corporate subsidies and defense spending, which push corporate profits higher, share prices higher, and dividends up, up and away.

In other words, the first duty of the press is to divide the 99 percent against each other, while doing their best to make the 99 percent lap dogs of the 1 percent.

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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took questions from the press after speaking to 2,000 people in Dubuque, Iowa. The object of the corporate press is to keep the eyes of the 99 percent off the issues. One blogger asked Senator Sanders if he thought his rumpled hair got as much press time as Hillary Clinton’s hair. Sander’s eloquently explained to the reporter that he was running for president on serious issues, and that the question of hair wasn’t something worth answering. He went on to explain what his campaign was about, and in the video, Bernie explains the issues of the day, which few of the candidates for US president this year want to discuss. While Bernie wants to discuss growing income inequality, Hillary and others want to discuss hair and the dangers of ISIS slipping something into your chips and beer during college football season. It’s a great video and worth a look.

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Trickle down economics was the lie that said if you made the richer more wealthier, everybody would get richer, and all boats would rise with the rising tide. The American public bought it under a massive media propaganda blitz, and Reaganomics was born.

Trickle down economics, in reality, was an income redistribution scam designed to redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent, and, as you can tell from the graph above, it has worked really well.

It all began with President Ronald Reagan and his tax cuts for the rich. Thus ended the most prosperous period for the middle and lower classes in US history as trickle down economics sucked more and more of their income, like a vacuum cleaner, right up into the pockets of the affluent.

The affluent used their new found purchasing power via the tax cuts to corrupt government to the maximum. They bought legislation to redistribute income into their already fat wallets. In short, that’s how we got to where we are today.

  1. The worst economic expansion in terms of job growth in US history.
  2. The worst economic expansion in terms of wage growth in US history.
  3. The best economic expansion for the rich in US history, where 95 percent of all wage growth has gone to the 1 percent since 2009.
  4. Rising poverty.
  5. Rising permanent unemployment
  6. The top 1 percent steal 37 percent of all income produced in the United States, compared to 8 percent in 1980, when Jimmy Carter was president.

There are some interesting things we can now see that have remained clouded to our eyes due to the media propaganda.

It makes one understand that Jimmy Carter was the last great US president. Everybody else has been a puppet of Wall Street. Under Carter, wages rose, and more jobs were created per year on average than under any other president since. He also staged a diplomatic coup when he engineered the Camp David Accords. Makes you wish for the good old days doesn’t it?

Sure, Carter had a few failings. There was relatively high inflation. You know, something like 6-8 percent per year. Carter appointed Paul Volcker to head the Federal Reserve. Volcker jacked up interest rates until the Fed crushed inflation. So Carter should be given credit for eliminating the 1970s inflation during the early 1980s, when he was already out of office. But guess what?

The federal government has changed the way it measures inflation 20 times since Reagan took office, so that unofficial inflation today is running at 6-8 percent. The government no longer counts energy and food prices, like it did back then. That’s why a can of tuna has increased in price from 3 for a dollar to 1 for a dollar over the last five years, and it isn’t among the items the government uses to determine the official inflation rate.

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