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Yesterday’s headlines blared out,

“WASHINGTON — Wading further into a spreading national debate, the Obama administration will tell all public school districts across the nation Friday that they should allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity.”

The Obama regime is playing its part in directing the attention of voters across the USA away from income and wealth inequality to transgender public school bathrooms, which has caused quite a stir in Texas and other southern states. The Corporate News Media played its role quite well by following President Obama’s lead and splashing the issue all over the newspapers and television.

The attention of highly intelligent citizens are successfully being diverted by this minor issue mostly along political party affiliation. Come on folks! The transgender public school bathroom debate is entirely meant to take your attention off the real issues of the day, like income inequality, government corruption, Bernie Sanders and his message, and international income and political power redistribution scams falsely marketed as international trade agreements; the Trans Pacific Partnership in this case. Come on! Wake up!

Smell the real issues rather than those phony issues they keep inventing and using so successfully to keep our eyes off the prize.

Don’t fall for this. Don’t get worked up over transgender public school bathrooms, which both the Wall Street Democratic Party leadership, and the Wall Street Republican Party leadership, want you to do. Don’t waste your time.

The real issues include income and wealth inequality. Currently, the rich are stealing 37 percent of the nation’s total yearly income, up from 8 percent in 1980. That figure should go over 38 percent by the end of this year.

So the plan of the big money boys and girls is to keep income and wealth inequality and other important issues off our individual radars through any means necessary, which means keeping Bernie Sanders out of the headlines, which means making a big deal out of transgender bathrooms in public schools.

This election isn’t over. Vote Bernie and against the Wall Street candidate.

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Washington State Teacher's Strike of August 2015

Labornotes.org reports that “Lawmakers in Washington state are scrambling to get ready for a special session after the state’s highest court announced it will start charging a penalty of $100,000 per day while legislators continue illegally underfunding the public schools.

The court’s move comes on the heels of one-day strikes that rolled across the state this spring. Half the members of the Washington Education Association (WEA), in some 65 school districts covering 40,000 teachers, walked out—including on the state’s conservative side, east of the mountains.”

Thousands of teachers across Washington state held the first in a planned series of one-day strikes last Wednesday to demand higher pay, better benefits and a reduction in class sizes, the state’s largest teachers’ union said.

Nearly 3,000 teachers in nine school districts were taking part in the strikes, which forced the cancellation of classes in two districts and a half day at a third, said Washington Education Association spokesman Rich Wood.

Wednesday’s walkout was the first in a staggered series of actions by Washington state teachers, with smaller strikes last Friday and this week. Other districts, including in Tacoma and the 5,000 members of the Seattle chapter of the union, are voting this week on whether to stage their own walkout in the coming days.

At issue are cost-of-living raises and funding for benefits being considered by the state Legislature. Teachers are unhappy about a proposal to raise pay by 3 percent over two years, while the state has not increased teacher healthcare funding in five years, the union said.

– See more at: Underlining Strikers’ Point, Court Fines Washington for Underfunding Schools – LaborNotes.org

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Last week, I asked a public elementary teacher what she thought of Common Core standards.

“Common Core testing is developmentally inappropriate for the ages of which the tests have been designed,” the third grade teacher said.

Several teachers sitting near us agreed with her.

When I asked what she meant, the teacher said the standards for third graders were developmentally more appropriate for fifth or sixth grade students.

“Do your third grade students need to retake the tests if they fail?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “Over and over again until they pass. All I do anymore is teach to the test at the expense of all other learning.”

“That’s precisely why they’ve been created,” I said. “Each test is more profit for the testing industry. The more students fail, the higher the profits for the industry giants.”

“Like Pearson Limited,” she said.

“And McGraw-Hill,” I said. “And their shareholders and CEOs. And it also means the tests are intended to maximize public educational failure because that maximizes corporate profits.”

“I agree,” the teacher said. “Educational reform is all about using education as a conduit to maximize publishing industry profits, even if it means destroying public education.”

I couldn’t disagree with the teacher, not at all. If you want more students to fail to maximize profits, there’s also another way to push the nation’s public school districts in that direction; expand classroom sizes. That gives every teacher less time to spend with each student, especially those that need individualized help to pass the tests that have been developed to ensure they fail, just to maximize profits at taxpayer expense.

Let’s face reality. Public schools are funded by local and state tax dollars. Common Core Standards ensure that income is redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent via taxpayer dollars.

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Why Chicago Doesn’t Have Enough Money For It’s Schools.

Good corporate drone Democrat that he is, Mayor Rahm Emmanel of Chicago decided to redistribute income from the citizens of Chicago to the rich folks of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. That’s what really occurred. He stole money from working people and the children of Chicago and gave it to his rich buddies.

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