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Costco’s CEO Explains How They Make Record Profits

Costco’s CEO Explains How They Make Record Profits

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Exxon Mobil Racks Up Record Profits

Exxon Mobile had record stolen profits last year of $41 billion.

A massive income redistribution scam has been under way for several months. The oil corporations and or oil futures traders have raised the price of gasoline and in the process turned the oil industry into a giant income redistribution scam. The oil industry is reaping record profits by artificially jacking up their prices and forcing the 99 percent to pay more, while taking the difference between the old lower prices and the new higher prices and placing them securely into the pockets of the one percent through higher corporate profits, enhanced dividends and rising share prices. The Department of Justice should look into this scandal immediately through the use of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. The DOJ should put the culprits of this oil heist into prison and throw away the keys.

The Story of Exxon's Redistribution of Income from the Ninety-Nine to the One Percent

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Mitt Romney was against the auto industry bailout. He says the government saving a million or more jobs was a bad thing. General Motors has proved Mitt “Wrong Street” Romney has once again showed how stupid he is. GM posts highest profit on record in its first full year since it was bailed out. Record profits? Saved jobs? Somebody better tell “Wrong Way Mitt!

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