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How do you like to spend your money? Did you pay to see the movie Spider Man at Regal Cinemas? Or any other movies? Then you paid for a right-wing attack ad. Have you paid to stay at the Marriott Hotel? Then you paid for a right wing attack ad. More to the point, you paid to defend or elect politicians who want to redistribute your income to the rich via free trade treaties, deregulation, as well as via profitable and permanent wars. The latter is another way they use government as an appendage to their profit making schemes; never ending wars redistribute our money and lives as they suck us financially dry and also use the 99 percent as high profit margin cannon fodder.

In other words, the owners of these businesses want to destroy the American dream for the 99 percent by redistributing it to the 1 percent. That’s because the only thing stopping the Ponzi scheme known as Wall Street from collapsing is to keep corporate profits moving upward. They do this by using government legislation to suck the 99 percent dry, like any good parasite. Ergo, right-wing attack ads further this agenda.

There are plenty of Democratic Party business supporters that want the same things, but I don’t have the list, and this story isn’t about them, anyway. General Dynamics, for example, a maker of stuff for fighting profitable wars, is a primary supporter of President Obama.

Click the link below for a list of consumer companies that support the right-wing corporate takeover of your government and supreme court, which by the way, has already been done. Only they want complete control.

Think Progress–A Guide to Consumer Brands Helping Bankroll Right-Wing Attack Ads

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