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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) controversial approval of AquaBounty’s genetically modified (GMO) salmon has garnered further backlash from national grocery stores and restaurant chains.

Costco, the second largest retailer in the world with 487 stores and one of the largest retailers of salmon and seafood in the U.S., has made a firm commitment not to sell GMO salmon. Red Lobster has also declined to sell the GMO poison salmon.

Costco’s move to reject GMO salmon comes after vehement opposition from anti-GMO activists.

According to a statement from Friends of the Earth, Walmart and Publix are among the last remaining large retail grocers in the U.S. that have not yet rejected GMO salmon.

“The market is rejecting GMO salmon. Stores won’t sell it and people don’t want to eat it,” said Friends of the Earth Campaigner Dana Perls. “Now other retailers like Walmart and restaurants need to follow suit, and we need mandatory GMO labeling so that consumers know how to avoid GMO salmon.”

More than 60 grocery store chains representing more than 9,000 stores across the U.S. have made commitments to not sell GMO salmon, including Safeway, Kroger, Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Aldi and many others.

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Costco’s new coupon book of organics is good from September 2 through the 29th. It doesn’t feature coupons on all of their organic foods. So you won’t find bargains on Cosco’s organic bananas and sweet potatoes. Both of which are less expensive than if you purchased regular bananas and sweet potatoes in regular grocery stores, such as Safeway. However, at Cosco you need to buy three pounds of bananas (at $1.99) and ten pounds of the potatoes to get that deal.

Cosco’s slow shift to organics is a surprising move away from GMO poison food. More and more food companies are using the GMO poison because it’s cheaper than non-GMO ingredients, which keeps profit margins growing. That means they can keep raising the cost of food, but at a slower rate than Wall Street strategies would otherwise call for.

Corporations need to raise their prices so as to keep their earnings going up, otherwise they risk a stock price collapse. Yes, we’re talking a Ponzi scam when it comes to stock prices. The rich purchase the stocks, which bid up their prices. The wealthy also receive the dividends, which are the dollars and cents shareholders receive from corporations from each share of stock they own. The higher the earnings, the greater the stock prices and dividends.

That’s why raising the price of food is so important, but doing so at rates low enough so as not to alarm citizens is also important. And that’s where the GMO poisons come into play. So you get allergies, cancer, impotency, tumors, and numerous other maladies by eating GMO poisons, but the rich get your dollars.

In other words, GMO’s are an income redistribution method, but these poisons also redistribute your health to the 1 percent, as well.

That’s why Cosco’s shift to organics is a healthier way to do business, compared to say Walmart, whose signs should read, “Purchase GMO poisons here.”

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