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According to Bernie Sanders, “Coming out of last night’s results, in which we won Rhode Island but came up short in four others, I want to pose to you three things that I know to be true:

Young people – the future of our country – continue to vote for our campaign in overwhelming numbers. It’s remarkable, and honestly quite humbling.

When we compete in open primaries that encourage the participation of independents, new voters, and young people, we do very well.

What remains in front of us is a very narrow path to the nomination. In the weeks to come we will be competing in a series of states that are very favorable to us – including California. Just like after March 15 – when we won 8 of the next 9 contests – we are building tremendous momentum going into the convention.”

In other words, Bernie Sanders thinks he can come up with more pledged delegates than Hillary Clinton by the Democratic Party convention. It ain’t over, until it’s over, not by a long shot.

Besides, the Bernie Sanders Presidential Express is about building a movement as much as it is about getting a man of the people into the white house next year, especially with the worst economic recession heading toward us like a runaway train at 400 miles an hour.

That recession will strike somewhere between and inclusive of the fourth quarter of this year and June 2017, and there’s no stopping it. The forces that brought this about, which include legislation and trade scams, has been supported by every US president since Ronald Reagan, as well as Hillary Wall Street Clinton. Working folks can’t afford to give up the fight.

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Big Money didn’t win all the time on Tuesday election. In fact, big money lost 15 times against progressive policies and candidates. For example, Bill de Blasio won the New York City’s mayor race “on a platform of reducing inequality and halting NYPD’s controversial ‘stop-and-frisk’ program, he’ll also govern with a more progressive city council, as the 21 new members of the 51-seat body are expected to double the council’s progressive caucus after aggressive campaigning by labor groups and the Working Families Party.”

Check out the story below from Moyers and company.

Under the radar progressive wins of the 2013 election–Bill Moyers and Company

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