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News From the Organic Consumers Association:

On Monday (April 27), a federal judge in Vermont struck a major blow to the junk food and gene giant industries by signaling that Vermont has a constitutional right to require labels on foods produced with genetic engineering.

The judge’s 84-page ruling scuttled Monsanto’s plan to stall Vermont’s GMO labeling law, and instead paved the way for Vermont to finalize its rules for the country’s first statewide bill to require mandatory labeling of GMOs, effective July 1, 2016.

That’s great news for consumers in Vermont. It also bodes well for consumers in other states, including Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, which are in the process of moving GMO labeling bills through their legislatures.

On April 30, 2015, hundreds of people turned out for a public hearing in Augusta, Maine, on two bills: LD 783, a Right to Food Bill; and LD 991, a bill that would speed up enactment of Maine’s existing GMO labeling law by removing the stipulation that four additional and contiguous states must also pass GMO labeling laws before Maine’s law can take effect.

One of the arguments against LD 991 being bandied about in the halls of the Maine State House? “We can’t pass LD 991 because it might be unconstitutional.” Thanks to the timely ruling in Vermont, that debate should be over.

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US Senator Bernie Sanders is thinking about running for president in 2016. He’s a man of the people and senator from Vermont. His greatest struggle will be raising money, and getting past the Democratic and Republican political machines that want him out. So, he’ll face obstables like Congressman Ron Paul did during the Republican primaries, like pretending he doesn’t exist during the debates, or trying to exclude him. Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich had the same problem during the Democratic presidential primaries.

According the Burlington Free Press, Sanders said:

“It is essential,” Sanders said, “to have someone in the 2016 presidential campaign who is willing to take on Wall Street, address the “collapse” of the middle class, tackle the spread of poverty and fiercely oppose cuts to Social Security and Medicare.”

“Also, addressing global warming needs to be a top priority, not an afterthought, Sanders said.

“Under normal times, it’s fine, you have a moderate Democrat running, a moderate Republican running,” Sanders said. “These are not normal times. The United States right now is in the middle of a severe crisis and you have to call it what it is.”

…“One of the difficulties for someone like me running is … I’m not going to get any money from Wall Street or corporate America,” Sanders said. “We have been successful, but it’s one thing to talk about raising money for a Senate campaign in a small state, another thing running for president of the United States.”Sanders, however, would begin with an already established nationwide network of 700,000 people who have contributed to his Senate campaigns or otherwise supported him.

…Sanders said he would be comfortable with a Warren presidential bid. “I like Elizabeth Warren very much,” he said. “Her beauty is that she is very smart. She speaks English. She can explain economics in a way that everybody can understand.”

The United States is stuck in a low grade Great Depression, and the US government of, by, and for the 1 percent has no intention of doing anything about it. Sanders knows this, and that’s why he’s considering this run for president. Currently, for example, the Obama regime is negotiating a trade treaty called the Trans Pacific Partnership that will jack up prices on the 99 percent, and basically redistribute income and political power from the 99 to the 1 percent. That’s what the treaty is for.

Check out the link about this below from the Burlington Free Press.

Bernie Sanders May Run for President–Burlington Free Press

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The great state of Vermont became the third state on Thursday to call on the U.S. Congress to overturn the Supreme Court’s controversial and corrupt ruling in Citizens United v. FEC.

The Vermont House passed the resolution by a 92-40 vote. The Vermont Senate passed the resolution 26-3 last week. No doubt, representatives who voted against the measure may have been on the Koch brothers pay roll.

The 2010 Citizens United ruling struck down key provisions of the federal McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law and gave rise to super PACS, officially known as independent-expenditure only committees, which can raise an unlimited amount of money to influence federal elections as long as they do not directly coordinate with a candidate’s campaign.

The ruling held that limiting corporate campaign spending violated the First Amendment, because political contributions were a form of political speech and corporations were legally persons. It should be pointed out that the word “corporation” does not appear in the constitution, a point the Koch Brothers wing of the court refused to acknowledge, Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito.

“The General Assembly urges Congress to consider the request of many Vermont cities and towns to propose a U.S. constitutional amendment for the state’s consideration that provides that money is not speech and corporations are not persons under the U.S. Constitution and that also affirms the constitutional rights of natural persons,” Vermont’s resolution, authored by State Senator Ginny Lyons (D), stated.

Similar resolutions have passed in Hawaii and New Mexico.

“By fighting so passionately, Vermonters have put the state on the map as opposing corporate influence in our elections. Public Citizen is proud to have played a coordinating role with our Vermont partners in this movement victory,” said Aquene Freechild, senior organizer with Public Citizen’s Democracy Is For People campaign.

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Bernie Sanders Rails Against Citizen’s United

By March 6, 55 towns in Vermont voted to send a message to congress to move forward on a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizen’s United, in which the corrupt Koch Brothers Wing of the Supreme Court granted personhood to corporations and allowed them the legal right to spend unlimited money on elections.

There’s nothing in the constitution allowing this. You have to be brain dead or completed corrupted by money and or ideology to believe that ExxonMobil or Nike is a person, but the members of the corrupt Koch Brothers wing of the Supreme Court does.

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As of Tuesday, twenty-three towns in Vermont had called on Vermont legislators and the state’s congressional delegation to overturn the illegal and highly unconstitutional Citizens United decision by the Koch Brothers purchased wing of the US Supreme Court. The decision prohibited the government from placing limits on corporations’ independent political spending, which federal law had allowed them to do for over a hundred years. As many as 60 towns are expected weigh in tonight.

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