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The federal government on Sunday denied the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline’s route under the Missouri River. The Dakota Access Pipeline was originally supposed to go under the Missouri River just north of Bismark, North Dakota. The residents of Bismark, 90 percent white, pushed back and won. Now the residents and allies of the Standing Rock Souix have pushed back and won.

There are only 43 days until Donald Trump takes office, when he’ll be presiding over the Army Corps of Engineers, the Justice Department and the Department of the Interior. Trump is a big supporter of the pipeline. So there’s no telling what he’ll do when Wall Street investors push him to apply pressure to the Army Corps of Engineers to reverse its decision.

The announcement by the Army Corps of Engineers came as veterans streamed into the camps over the weekend in cars and buses to offer their support to the tribe in its months-long battle. The veterans event had raised more than $1 million dollars in response to violent assaults on the demonstrators by law enforcement. The veterans said they would shield the demonstrators.


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Bernie and Veterans

In the Wisconsin Democratic presidential primary today, Senator Bernie Sanders trounced the Wall Street candidate by ten points. According to Realclearpolitics.com, Bernie has picked up 44 delegates so far, while Hillary has received 26. There are over eighty delegates in Wisconsin’s Democratic Presidential Primary to be divvied up between the two candidates.

Hillary Clinton still leads Bernie by about 230 pledged delegates. Many more are at stake, but the math makes this out to be a tight race. California, New York and Pennsylvania are up. There’s about a thousand delegates to be shared among those states. If Bernie wins 60 percent of the vote in those states, he will just about eliminate Hillary’s current delegate lead. If Sanders wins those states with 55 percent of the vote, he will wipe out half of her lead with a lot states still on the table.

On the heels of caucus conquests in Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Hawaii and Washington, Sanders has shown little patience for those who insist Clinton’s delegate lead is insurmountable. And having hauled in a record $44 million during March, largely from small-dollar donors, the Vermont senator believes he can barnstorm through the remaining states and broadcast his campaign appeals in major media markets for months to come.

“There are many, many states to go,” Sanders said last week while campaigning in New York, where he was born and Clinton served as senator (and where 247 delegates are in play).

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The following video was seen by me on http://surfer53.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/ron-paul-stood-with-the-99/

I watched the video and I didn’t think Ron Paul stood with the 99 percent because in this video he doesn’t mention anything about how federal legislation has been purchased to ensure that income and wealth have been redistributed to the 1 percent from the 99 percent for the last thirty years. Although Paul has some good understandings about the Federal Reserve and Wall Street, I don’t see him standing up for the 99 percent against the parasitic 1 percent. It is corruption in our entire political system that has brought this about. Mr. Paul doesn’t say anything about that in this video. Therefore, in my opinion, Ron Paul never stood up for the 99 percent.

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