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The H1B Visa: Killing US Jobs: the case of Disneyland

23 IT workers were laid off at Disneyland Florida, and replaced with foreign workers. The 23 are now suing Disneyland.

The former employees have filed complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging that they are victims of national origin discrimination. The EEOC will investigate, and can bring its own lawsuit, or issue a right-to-sue letter.

Sara Blackwell, the Florida attorney representing the former Disney workers, appeared on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily and discussed the problem of H-1B visas.

“Right now all of the technology jobs, 90 percent of them are being filtered to H-1B visa holders here and then off-shoring to other countries” said Blackwell.”Knowledge transfer is what we’re doing.”

Blackwell also argued that H-1b visas are being abused:

The purpose of H-1B is if there is no qualified American then the H-1B person can come over and fill that position because we need them. Well, there are qualified Americans because they’re being fired, but guess what, if this keeps going there aren’t going to be any qualified Americans because we’re training all our knowledge — sending it overseas and we’re training all the H1B workers here and we’re not giving Americans the opportunity to make a decent wage or have a job so America has no future in technology, at this point.

Leo Perrero, one of the former Disney workers, told Breitbart News Daily how he was laid off even after receiving a great performance review.

“We thought we were being called into a last minute meeting for pats on the back and bonuses but it turned out to be the complete opposite. We were called into a room of about two dozen people to be told we had to train our foreign replacements and if we didn’t, we wouldn’t get a bonus.”this case, even as the Obama administration and some congressional Republicans are trying to expand the H-1B program. They want to reduce worker wages and increase corporate profits by doing so even though there is no shortage of high skill tech workers in the United States. There’s not even a shortage of low skill workers.

Various studies show that three out of four US IT workers are unemployed in their fields, and wages have remained stagnant in the IT field for 26 years. Sound familiar?

According to USA Today, “If a shortage (of tech workers) did exist, wages would be rising as companies tried to attract scarce workers. Instead, legislation that expanded visas for IT personnel during the 1990s has kept average wages flat over the past 16 years. Indeed, guest workers have become the predominant source of new hires in these fields.”

The H1B visa is being used to keep Americans unemployed, wages down, and corporate profits up. In other words, H-1B is an income redistribution scam. Money is redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent. Apparently, US economic policy is simple. It’s used to only benefit the 1 percent at the expense of the 99 percent.

Wall Street profits handsomely from these visas. Higher profits mean more stock transactions, corporate bond issues, more highly profitable IPOs. Tech corporations see their stock prices soar, due to their artificially higher profits caused by their government induced artificially lower labor costs.

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Wall Street Senator Orrin Hatch and three other senatorial conspirators are launching another military style campaign to redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent. These leisure class warrior have proposed letting more and more high tech workers into the USA via the H1B visa. Their reasoning, regardless of the lies they tell us, is simple. Flood the market with workers, the supply of workers will exceed the demand, wages and salaries of those workers will drop, and the difference between the old wages and the new goes into the pockets of the 1 percent via higher dividends, share prices and soaring earnings.

These senators tell us there is a shortage of high tech workers in the USA and that we’ll be able to attract the best and the brightest in the world. These are lies. First of all, don’t assume that your well-being is dependent on US corporations getting these workers. There’s no connection, no livability symbiosis, between the health of publicly traded corporations and members of the 99 percent. Just look at the second great lie of these senators; There is no shortage of high tech workers in the US, but there is high unemployment among them, partially due to the H1B visa. The reality is that the biggest users of H1B visas are “all in the business of outsourcing and offshoring high-tech American jobs. Many of the jobs that went to H-1B workers should have instead gone to U.S. workers, but employers are not required to recruit them before applying for an H-1B, and can even replace their U.S. workers with H-1Bs. The top 10 H-1B employers were granted an astonishing 40,170 visas; nearly half the total annual quota. The table also shows each firm’s immigration yield: the ratio of permanent residence applications to new H-1B petitions for these companies. It is evidence of the companies’ intention to hire and keep their H-1B workers in the country permanently.

There are two reasons these firms hire H-1Bs instead of Americans: 1) an H-1B worker can legally be paid less than a U.S. worker in the same occupation and locality; and 2) the H-1B worker learns the job and then rotates back to the home country and takes the work with him. That’s why the H-1B was dubbed the “Outsourcing Visa” by the former Commerce Minister of India, Kamal Nath.

Rather than keeping jobs from leaving our shores, the H-1B does the opposite, by facilitating offshoring and providing employers with cheap, temporary labor – while reducing job opportunities for American high-tech workers in the process. The I-Squared Act does nothing to protect against this, while vastly expanding the size of a deeply flawed program that accelerates the offshoring of American high-tech jobs and reduces America’s future capacity to innovate.”

That’s precisely what Senator Hatch, the least patriotic of Americans, wants and he knows it. He want’s to lower the wages and salaries of most American citizens. On behalf of his Wall Street masters, like a well trained attack dog ordered to take a bite out of middle America, Hatch is proposing offshoring and outsourcing US jobs on behalf of the 1 percent. This is another one of his many income redistribution plans that redistributes income from the 99 to the 1 percent.

Top 10 users of H-1B guest worker program are all offshore outsourcing firms -Economic Policy Institute

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