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The Supreme Court Justice above is Clarence Thomas, the anti-affirmative action, former recipient of affirmative action, former Monsanto attorney, and worshipper on bended knees of the Koch Brothers. It should also be pointed out that Israel spends that $8 million a day mostly on military goods made by US corporations, so that foreign aid is just another welfare program for the 1 percent. The same holds true for oil industry subsidies.

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Watch the video below. During the riot to grab two dollar waffle irons, watch the blonde woman in the blue shirt bending over with her back to you. As she does this, her pants gradually begin to fall off her ass. She grabs a waffle iron and walks away with her prized possession with her ass overly exposed. The 1 percent has great hopes for her. I hope the 99 percent don’t need to rely on this person.

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