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WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 03: Activists hold a rally to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in front of the White house on February 3, 2016 in Washington, DC. The TPP trade pact is expected to be signed in New Zealand on February 4. (Photo by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images)

White House officials conceded on Friday that the president’s hard-fought-for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal would not pass Congress.

Earlier this week, congressional leaders in both parties said they would not bring the trade deal forward during a lame-duck session of Congress, before the formal transition of power on 20 January.

The Democratic senator Chuck Schumer, who will be minority leader in the next Congress, told union leaders the trade deal would not pass. Senator Mitch McConnell, the chamber’s Republican majority leader, told reporters “no” when asked if Congress would consider the TPP.

The deal has supporters in both parties but became a campaign symbol for lost manufacturing jobs, especially in the rust belt states. The TPP would’ve cost the US millions of jobs, and redistributed trillions of dollars from working folks to the rich billionaires who control both major political parties.

The TPP was negotiated to redistribute income and political power from the 99 to the 1 percent.

Over the last three years, a variety of labor, progressive, environmental, human rights groups have organized and pushed back hard against the TPP, and quite successfully.

The TPP would have included the US and 11 countries in Asia, South America and the south Pacific, and was designed in large part to curb the growing economic influence of China.


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From Oregon Fair Trade

The economic game in the war against the middle class is about to become more rigged than is currently the case, and the game has been increasingly rigged over the last thirty years. The latest and most vicious assault against the American people is being led by Wall Street President Barack Obama, Wall Street Republican House Speaker John Boehner, and Wall Street Senators Ron Wyden and Mitch McConnell. All of these folks are veteran class warriors that wage war against the middle class on behalf of Wall Street’s investor class. The 1 percent has used the tax cuts they’ve received over the last thirty years to turn the Federal government and the US Supreme Court into cesspools of corruption. The people above exemplify this corruption.

According the Citizen’s Trade Campaign,

“This month marked the four-year anniversary of the Obama administration’s closed-door attempts to complete the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement. Please tell Congress four years of secretive negotiations is more than enough.

The administration missed yet another self-imposed deadline for completing the negotiations in Singapore in the beginning of December because it has been pushing the wrong agenda from the start.

Leaked TPP documents first published by Citizens Trade Campaign (CTC) two years ago — and more recent documents published by WikiLeaks and the HuffingtonPost — reveal that the administration is demanding TPP provisions that threaten family-wage jobs, a healthy environment, financial stability, access to life-saving medications, consumer safety and family farms at home and abroad. And now the administration is even urging Congress to pass “Fast Track” legislation that would enable the TPP to circumvent ordinary Congressional review, amendment and debate procedures.

Fast Track Is Coming in Early January — Action Needed Now Over the Holiday Congressional Recess

Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus and House Ways & Means Committee Chair David Camp are expected to introduce their Fast Track bill as soon as Congress reconvenes in early January. The White House recently had a full cabinet meeting to discuss how the entire administration will be pushing the bill, and corporate lobbyists are not taking the holidays off either. They’ve already begun their full court press.

It is critical that we take advantage of the week and a half before the bill’s introduction to continue pressing members of the U.S. House of Representatives especially to oppose Fast Track. If you live in Rep. DeFazio or Rep. Schrader’s district, now is the time to thank them for speaking out against Fast Track. If you live in Rep. Blumenauer or Rep. Bonamici’s district, please call their D.C. office and thank them for expressing concern over Fast Track and urge them to go further by publicly opposing Fast Track. Call Now! U.S. Capitol switchboard at 1-202-224-3121.”


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Wall Street Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus and House Ways & Means Committee Chair David Camp are expected to introduce their Fast Track bill as soon as Congress reconvenes in early January. In other words, Baucus and Camp are preparing the final, crushing legislative knockout punch to the middle class by redistributing more income from the 99 to the 1 percent, and weakening the political power of the 99 while strengthening that of the 1 percent, and all via the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest income redistribution scam of all time, and which is being pushed by Goldman Sachs Obama administration.

That’s why the White House had a full cabinet meeting last week to discuss how the entire administration will be pushing the TPP, and corporate lobbyists are not taking the holidays off either. They’ve already begun their full court press.

Fast Track authority allows the Senate and the US House of representatives to vote yes or no on the TPP without debate. There will, of course, be a ton of pressure put on senators and congress people by corporate lobbyists and members of the Obama regime.

It is critical that members of the 99 percent take advantage of the two weeks before the bill’s introduction to continue pressing members of the U.S. House of Representatives especially to oppose Fast Track. Now is the time to continue thanking Members of Congress who have already spoken out against Fast Track, and to registering your deep disappointment with any Member of Congress who has not.

If you represent an organization, it is not too late to request a holiday recess meeting with a Member of Congress to discuss Fast Track. If you’re acting as an individual, please take some time to do a “drop-in” office visit and leave a note asking your Representative to commit to opposing Fast Track. You can bring a holiday card you get your friends and family to sign — or one of the recent op-eds about the TPP linked to below.

Talking points about Fast Track are attached to help prepare you for any conversations you may have with Representatives or their staff.

For more information on the TPP, click on the links below.

What the Corporate Press Doesn’t Want You to Know: The US Biggest Trade Deficit Isn’t With China. It’s With a Most Unexpected Source, the One the Corporate Press, Your Government, and the Parasites of the 1 Percent Don’t Want You to Know–Johnhively.wordpress.com

Stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Global Revolt Against Corporate Domination-Truthout.org

Five Graphs And a Video That Will Make Your Blood Boil: Lies of the US Propaganda Media, The US Jobs Crisis! The Mystery is Solved–JohnHively.wordpress.com

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As the US shutdown enters its fourth day, more than 700,000 federal workers are still at home without pay, Barack Obama has scrapped his long-planned trip to Asia, and the Statue of Liberty and Yosemite national park are shuttered up. These effects were predicted from previous shutdowns – but what are some of the unforeseen effects on the economy? Here’s one: The e-verify system is officially off-line, making it difficult for employers to hire legal workers.

Check out the story from the Guardian below.

Consequences of the United States Shutdown–The Guardian

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The golden rule is precisely why the 99 percent are fighting a rigged political and economic game. The golden rule is simple. He who has the gold makes the rules. The golden rule accounts for most of what goes on in government. Government isn’t really corrupt, instead, it’s an institution that has been corrupted by greed and money.

Myths capture our imagination. The 1 percent produce myths to advance their self-interest, and this is particularly at the expense of the 99 percent. These myths are used to deceive us. We read and hear the drum beat about government misuse of tax money, incompetent bureaucrats and politicians, and threats of big government. We’ve also heard about how cigarettes and GMO foods are safe, except when studies not funded by the corporations that produce the stuff are doing the studying. The US corporate media serves as a mouth piece for corporate propaganda, so the lies are grounded into our conciousness, over and over again.

Common sense should tell us that what is said about big government is also true of large corporations, for which there is a lack of transparency. Corporations hide their dastardly deeds while screeching against the supposed evils of big government, while also calling for less government interference, such as environmental, workplace, financial and other regulations that protect the 99 percent against the predations of the 1 percent and their corporations. Only fools and fascists will put more faith in supposed market forces than in a democratically controlled, transparent government. Unfortunately, the 1 percent have corrupted that government with their money, and to our detriment.

Wall Street, JP Morgan, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, General Electric, Apple Inc., the Koch Brothers, British Petroleum, Monsanto and many more do more harm to our environment, our health, our economic opportunities, and our overall quality of life every day, than any democratically elected, transparent government could do in a year. And much, but not all, of the damage done to us by corporations is through their money, and its corrupting influence on our government.

For example, where did our huge federal deficit come from? Taxes from corporations made up a third of federal tax revenue in 1950. Today, it’s less than 10 percent. Free trade treaties have shipped our jobs and tax base away with the difference between the old higher wages and the new lower wages going straight into the pockets of the 1 percent. The NSA illegal spying in violation of the US Constitution has corporate money behind it because corporations help with the spying and profit from it.

Don’t let the myths of the master’s of profits fool you. Their lies are working. They continue to tell us lies and more lies, over and over again, through their representatives and through their biased think tanks. Where did this formula for lies come from? You’ll be surprised at who their originator was. President Franklin Roosevelt knew where the lies originated. Click on the video below to find out.

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There are ten facts that Wall Street President Barack Obama doesn’t want you to know about his proposed cuts to Social Security payments. He intends these cuts despite a $2.7 trillion Social Security trust fund surplus that earns $120 billion a year in interest. So why is Wall Street’s president cutting main street’s payments that people earned and paid into the system for instead of increasing taxes on millionaires and billionaires? Anyway, click on the link below.

Ten Facts Wall Street President Barack Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know About His Social Security Slashing Plan

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Republicans Blocking Job Creation

Responding to the latest employment report, that 163,000 jobs were created in June 2012, the White House noted correctly that major areas of job weakness — including positions in construction and teaching — are precisely those that would have been the subject of the jobs bill proposed in 2011 by President Obama. That legislation was blocked by Congressional Republicans.

Mitt Romney responded to the July report by saying that the numbers reflect the failure of Mr. Obama’s policies when, in reality, they reflect the success of the Republican obstructionism.

That leaves the Federal Reserve to try to boost the economy. But what’s needed is direct intervention in the form of more federal spending on education, infrastructure, clean energy, basic research and job training. Until then, we’re stuck.

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