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The chart above shows it all. Productivity measures the amount of goods and services produced per worker. Productivity has grown over the years, but the only people who have gained from it are members of the 1 percent. This is because they’re continuously using their political clout to buy legislation from corrupt, depraved, politicians, such as Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, and Wall Street Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

Both of these boys are supposed to represent the people of Oregon, but they don’t. They represent Wall Street on all economic matters, but they fool the people of Oregon by vocally, but not legislatively, supporting them on all social matters. The local propaganda media, The Oregonian newspaper, always covers up this little charade so as to mislead its readers as to the real purpose of Blumenauer and Wyden being in political office: to redistribute income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent via legislation.

Political corruption is why the 99 percent, the people who produce all the goods and services, haven’t received any real pay increases since 1979. That is, when inflation is factored in to pay raises, real spending power has been stagnant. It’s really worse than that because most citizens over the last thirty-three years have also experienced declines in their health benefits and the elimination of their retirement packages, all of which have been redistributed to the 1 percent.

In the meantime, the people who produce no goods or services, the super rich parasites erroneously known as the “elite parasites,” have stolen all of the profits produced by massively increased productivity growth throughout the economy and throughout the decades through their purchases in the political markets, and the easily bought off corporate wing of the US Supreme Court.


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The 1 percent, or rather the top 0.25 percent, of the US population have received the vast bulk of income growth in the US since 1979.

That’s because they’ve held, and continue to hold, all of the mechanisms of legislative power, in the congress and in the white house. They’ve purchased the legislative favors of politicians, such as the corrupt Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden. He’s the face of corruption in government, but the same is true of the US Supreme Court, 100 percent of Republicans in congress, 80 percent of Democrats in congress, and all of the Democrats whose power resides in the white house, such as the president and the attorney general .

Wyden always sides with big money in their war against the middle class. And so he votes to redistribute income from the middle class to the 1 percent via free trade treaties, privatization scams, and deregulation crap. Free trade is really corporate trade, which means lowering wages and reducing standards of living in the process. That’s because free trade treaties are an income redistribution scam, pure and simple, and Wyden knows this. He’s not a stupid boy. These treaties legally pave the way for shipping US jobs overseas to lower wage nations, as well as creating jobs overseas rather than here.

The difference between the old, higher, US wages and the new, lower, wages overseas goes into the pockets of the 0.1 percent via higher corporate profits, rising dividends and surging share prices. The citizens who’ve lost their jobs are lucky to get unemployment insurance, and they might not get a job for years. Wyden and every member of congress and every politician in the white house for the last thirty years know all of this, and yet they still continue to vote with the 1 percent.

From Mother Jones

Wyden’s free trade income redistribution scams have nearly destroyed the US economy by weakening the demand for goods and services. Nowadays, thanks to Wyden and his corrupt political friends such as Republicans Paul Ryan and John Boehner, the 99 percent receive roughly 68 percent of the total income of the US, compared to 92 percent in 1979. We don’t have the income to demand more than we can, and so job growth is historically weak under President Barack Obama, another servant of Wall Street. Look at the graph below and you’ll see exactly what Wyden has done to the 99 percent. And he plans to wreck more of the middle class on behalf of his Wall Street masters.

Remember, the figures in the above graph are from 1979-2005. Vastly more income has been redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent since then, thanks to George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Scheming Ron Wyden, and a ton of other corrupt officials in Washington D.C.

Under Wyden’s free trade scams, massive amounts of income have been redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent since 1979. Wyden’s scams are destroying the middle class, as well as the nation. He’s not going to change, he’ll always be a Wall Street warrior against the middle class. The graph above shows how much income Wyden has redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent on a yearly basis via legislation in the right column. The left column shows how much his policies have redistributed income from the 99 to the 1 percent in total since 1979. However, the left column underestimates the total.

When a job is shipped overseas, or created there instead of here, income is redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent for as long as that job exists, year after year after year. In other words, the income Wyden redistributes to his corporate buddies is a continuous financial bonanza, or financial loop, for so long as the job exists. Wyden, like the rest of congress and the president, steals jobs from somebody who produces something, and gives it to somebody who produces nothing, except the financial strings they use to manipulate Wyden and his congressional cronies like puppets.

So if Wyden redistributes Joe US’s $60,000 a year job and gives it to Wu Chung in China for $4500 a year, Wyden is redistributing the difference of $55,000 a year to rich shareholders. So long as that job remains outside of the US, the rich continue to receive that money year after year after year. Joe US might get unemployment insurance out of the deal, and Wu Chung gets a life time of slave labor.

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Senator Ron Wyden, who is supposed to represent the people of Oregon, but who represents the 1 percent of people who use Wall Street to steal money from the 99 percent, is not happy with the latest income redistribution scam put forth by the Obama administration. That scheme seeks to redistribute more and more income from working people to the ultra wealthy.

The senator is the chairman of the senate subcommittee on trade. He is leading the charge against the scam, which is something of a miracle, but more of a coincidence, since he normally aids and abets such plots against the American people.

The Trans Pacific Trade Agreement (TPP) is being negotiated in secrecy, except for the 600 corporate lobbyists with access to the negotiators and a few members of congress. The negotiations involve twelve nations and it’s going to be bigger than Nafta. That’s a ton of income the Obama administration is planning to redistribute from working Americans to Wall Street.

Leaked documents show the pharmaceutical corporations want higher prices. Can you guess whose pockets they intend to pick when the TPP is enacted into law? Yours, or some other working stiffs somewhere. And then Big Pharma will take their higher prices, swell their profits, jack up their dividends and pump up their share prices. That’s how the extra money working stiffs will pay to stay healthy and alive will wind up in the pockets of the affluent. Think about it for just a moment.

The Obama administration is negotiating to jack up the price working people will pay to stay alive. That’s how the free trade income redistribution scam works. Your money or your life. Sounds like highway robbery to me.

Senator Wyden normally supports Wall Street in the rape and pillage of the 99 percent, especially via free trade scams. So what gives?

Wyden said, “The majority of Congress is being kept in the dark as to the substance of the TPP negotiations, while representatives of U.S. corporations — like Halliburton, Chevron, PhRMA, Comcast and the Motion Picture Association of America — are being consulted and made privy to details of the agreement.”

This statement explains a great deal. Wyden represents Google and other Internet firms. They are opposed to anything which would inhibit downloading and other things they do to make a profit. The movie industry and others don’t like this. The TPP could be a vehicle to go around Wyden and other supporters of Internet freedom. In this way, Wyden appears to side with the people of Oregon, whom he is supposed to represent, but whom he does not normally on economic matters, since he likes free “income redistribution” trade scam treaties. But his opposition to the secrecy of the TPP is a happy coincidence for the people of Oregon.

There is one other thing to note. The senator’s opposition is not to the TPP, but to it’s secrecy.

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Below is the results of a study. Read on and then let your president, congress people and senators, like Ron Wyden know how you feel.

The more progressive a tax system — where higher tax brackets have higher tax rates — the more likely people are to report feeling they live the “best possible life,” according to a new study comparing 54 nations.

“The more progressive the tax policy is, the happier the citizens are,” said University of Virginia psychologist Shigehiro Oishi, the lead author of the study.

The study analyzed a total of 59,634 people surveyed by the Gallup Organization in 2007 and found those living in the nations with the most progressive taxation evaluated their own quality of life higher than those living in nations with flatter taxation.

That happiness, according to Oishi, was “explained by a greater degree of satisfaction with the public goods, such as housing, education, and public transportation.”

“If the goal of societies is to make citizens happy, tax policy matters,” he said. “Certain policies, like tax progressivity, seem to be more conducive to the happiness of the people.”

Surprisingly, even though people’s quality of life was associated with their satisfaction with state-funded services, higher government spending did not yield greater happiness.

“That data is kind of weird,” Oishi said. He theorized that this result may be because some nations spend their money more effectively than others, noting that the U.S. spends more on education and health care than other developed countries, yet has a lower international standing in those areas.

Oishi’s study will be published in the next issue of the peer-reviewed journal Psychological Science. It was co-authored by Ulrich Schimmack of the University of Toronto at Mississauga and Ed Diener of the University of Illinois.

The study followed up on a previous study conducted by Oishi that analyzed 48,000 respondents over 37 years and found income disparity in the U.S. was associated with unhappiness — except for the richest 20 percent.

“Income disparity has grown a lot in the U.S., especially since the 1980s,” he explained. “With that, we’ve seen a marked drop in life satisfaction and happiness.”

Both studies show only correlations and not causation, meaning the connection between economics and personal satisfaction is unclear. Other factors could have contributed to the differences in self-reported quality of life.

Nevertheless, Oishi concluded: “If we care about the happiness of most people, we need to do something about income inequality.”

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