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Every program Obama has enacted, whether it be the enactment of Obamacare or bailing out banks, has gone toward ensuring the wealthy get richer while bleeding the mass of citizens dry.

Take Obamacare. The bill was written by representatives of the health insurance industry. Guess what? There’s nothing in the bill that will stop the upward spiral of health insurance prices. Natually, since Obamacare was enacted, Blue Cross Blue Shield has jacked up its rates often by double digits and in many cases by 20 percent or more. Of course, representatives of Blue Cross helped draft the legislation.

The legislation allows the government to force millions of people without insurance to buy it, and then the taxpayers will subsidize these people. And their insurance premiums will go up and up and away. Obamacare may send the United States into the equivalent of bankruptcy. But it will be very profitable for Blue Cross and its shareholders, as well as every other health insurance corporation. In other words, Obamacare is another income redistribution scam, from the bottom 98 percent of citizens, straight to the top. It’s another corporate welfare scheme for the rich.

Likewise, Obama chose to save the banksters rather than homeowners, perhaps because they’re the people he can count on to provide him with campaign contributions. People earning less than eighty grand don’t have a lot of extra money to give the president.

Obama could have saved the homeowners, like FDR once did. But the banksters and other rich investors held hundreds of billions of dollars of mortgage backed securities. Had Obama elected to save the homeowners by establishing a program that would’ve allowed them to renegotiate their mortgages to reflect their new lower value, the value of the bonds held by the rich would’ve been depressed even more than they already have been.

There was no way Obama was going to allow the richest of investors to take a hit even if it meant saving the American economy and rescuing millions of families. In other words, this too was another redistribution scam for the rich.

Obama should be impeached for that.


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Impeach Obama

The economy appears to be tanking again. The reason is simple. Rich people (the top 1 percent) receive nearly 24 percent of the total national income, up from less than 9 percent in 1979. And they’re getting more and more.

Rich people don’t purchase the things that keep the economy moving. The bottom 99 percent of the population do this. When you take their share of the national income from 91 percent to 76 percent the result is they have less money to buy stuff to keep the economy going.

Barack Obama is an intelligent guy, but he is clueless about the simple fact I’ve mentioned above. That’s because he campaigned as a man of the people, but he really is a president for rich people.
He doesn’t seem to have a clue as to how the economy functions.

A lot of people think George W Bush was this nation’s dumbest president. Maybe he was. But Obama is clearly as dumb as Bush was when it comes to the economy.

Hopefully, Obama will be a one term president. On the other hand, the other idiots running appear to be just as clueless, or rather, they’re on the corporate payroll just as much as Obama.

It’s really sad to say, but this nation needed another Franklin Roosevelt and we got a slightly slicker version of George W Bush. Maybe we should impeach Obama and get our misery over with by electing Bernie Sanders as president. He would probably be exactly what this nation needs.

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