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Organized money is what controls politics in the United States. Money can be organized in any number of ways. A corporation is made up of money organized from investors. So too are hedge funds. In FDR’s time, organized mob meant organized crime. So what FDR said below should read,

“Government by the rich is just as dangerous as government by organized crime. Never before in all of our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today, They are unanimous in their hate for me–and I welcome their hatred.”

That’s the way it will be for Elizabeth Warren should she run for president.

In reality, in our government, organized money and organized crime are the same thing. That’s why so many Wall Street CEO’s can get away any crimes they desire, including fraud and money laundering for drug cartels. So, in reality, today, we have a government that is managed by politicians on the payroll of organized crime.

Perhaps this is why US middle class Senator Elizabeth Warren has refused to run for US president in 2016. She would be taking on the modern version of organized crime. Remember the golden rule; he who has the gold makes the rules. Guess who has the gold in the political markets? Just take a look below, and you’ll discover the answer.


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Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) listed the GMO herbicide as a possible cause of cancer. There are numerous studies that show Glyphosate causes all sorts of human maladies, such as autism, cancer, obesity and many other things. Check out the video below to discover more about these studies.

Your government is putting corporate profits over your health for a simple reason. The more medical problems you get from GMOs, the more hospital profits go up. For profit making hospitals, this is a win-win situation, and your government is a willing partner is this crime.

Dr Mercola has studied this issue for years and he writes, “Increasing exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, may be at least partially to blame for rising rates of numerous chronic diseases in Westernized societies, according to recent research.

The finding, published in Entropy,1 has ramifications for virtually every man, woman and child in developed nations, as this pesticide is widely used on both conventional and, especially, genetically modified (GM) crops (to the tune of more than one billion pounds sprayed in the US alone).

If you eat processed foods, most of which are made with GM corn and soy ingredients, you’re consuming glyphosate residues, probably in each and every bite. Knowing this, and the fact that tests show people in 18 countries across Europe already have glyphosate in their bodies,2 the following news should leave you very, very concerned… if not compelled to take action against this health-endangering chemical.

Check out the rest of what Dr. Mercola below.

Gut-Wrenching New Studies Reveal the Insidious Effects of Glyphosate–Mercola.com

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USA Uncut reports that “El Salvador has rejected all Monsanto’s GMO seeds in stunning defeat for the multinational and a huge victory for small farmers and consumers. Prior to 2013, El Salvador purchased 70% of their seeds from Monsanto, but today that number is zero. Instead of relying on corporate seeds, small farmers now contribute dozens of local varieties which are higher quality and half the price. This is also a significant win considering the US government last year threatened to withhold $300 million in foreign aid if El Salvador did not buy Monsanto seeds. Share if the US should follow El Salvador’s lead and give Monsanto the boot!”

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) gave a blunt message to the big Wall Street banks that have threatened to withhold campaign donations to Senate Democrats as a means to get Democrats to convince Warren to shut up about the crimes of Wall Street.

“It will not work,” Warren said in a statement emailed to The Huffington Post.

Warren is not going to be bought off or frightened so easily. The CEO’s of the banks want to continue and extend their unpunished streak of criminal activities dating back more than two decades. Warren insists these banks should pay the price of their criminal activities which includes, fraud and money laundering, among many other crimes. And that’s how corrupt your government is. When you are rich, there is not a single criminal activity that will net you jail time nowadays.

According to the Huffington Post, “Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America have discussed ways to soften Warren’s strong tone, Reuters reports, and representatives of some have raised the idea of cutting campaign donations to Democrats. Only Citigroup — a frequent target of Warren’s criticism — so far is publicly withholding money from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.”

Cutting donations, Warren said, won’t work against her. She said, “They want a showy way to tell Democrats across the country to be scared of speaking out, to be timid about standing up, and to stay away from fighting for what’s right,” Warren wrote. “… I’m not going to stop talking about the unprecedented grasp that Citigroup has on our government’s economic policymaking apparatus … And I’m not going to pretend the work of financial reform is done, when the so-called ‘too big to fail’ banks are even bigger now than they were in 2008.”

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“Last year was yet another year of poor wage growth for American workers. With few exceptions, real (inflation-adjusted) hourly wages fell or stagnated for workers across the wage spectrum between 2013 and 2014—even for those with a bachelor’s or advanced degree.”

There are numerous government inspired reasons for middle class wage stagnation. One is the exportation of jobs via international income and political power redistribution scams falsely marketed as free trade agreements. The other big pillar of income redistribution from the 99 to the 1 percent is immigration, which is a primary method of regulating wages downward. There are smaller pillars, as well, such as deregulation, privatization scams, etc….

Here Here

Notice in the graph above that the people in the 95 percentile, or what is known as the top five percent, increased their income 2.2 percent last year. 95 percent of all income growth since 2009 has gone to the 1 percent. That means people in the top 5 percent (minus the top 1 percent) have taken the other 5 percent of income growth since 2009.

The 95 percent did not gain any income. Instead those folks lost income last year, and for most years since 1981, when Ronald Reagan ushered in the dark clouds of morning in America. So why did these folks lose money?

Their income was redistributed to the 1 percent via so-called free trade treaties as jobs are shipped overseas. These income redistribution agreements pave the legal route for US corporations to ship American jobs overseas. These agreements also pave the way for US corporations to create jobs overseas that would otherwise be created in the United States. According to the Federal Reserve, 28 million US jobs were exported between 1990 and 2010, and several million more have been exported since then.

The difference between the old higher US wages and the new lower foreign wages goes right into the pockets of the super rich via higher corporate profits, rising dividends and share prices. Those who lose those jobs might receive unemployment insurance for a while. These falsely marketed free trade agreements account for most of the inequality one experiences in the US today.

Currently, the 1 percent steal about 37 percent of all income generated in the US, compared with 8 percent thirty-four years ago. Now the president and his Wall Street bag men, like Wall Street Senator’s Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch and Ron Wyden, want to steal more of our jobs via the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and redistribute more of our income to the 1 percent.

The TPP is the largest income and political power redistribution scam in the history of the world, but it is being falsely marketed as a free trade agreement. It has almost nothing to do with trade. It’s about redistributing income from the 99 to the 1  percent via shipping jobs overseas, deregulation of Wall Street so the next financial crisis can’t be stopped, raising the prices of goods and services, eliminating your state and local voting rights on health, safety and labeling issues, and on and on and on.

That’s why it’s important to call your congressional representatives and let them know that you oppose the TPP, and the process known as Fast Track Authority. Fast Track would limit debate in congress, not allow any changes to the TPP, calls for a simple up and down vote, and eliminates the use of the filibuster in the senate on the TPP.

According to EPI, “Comparing 2014 with 2007 (the last period of reasonable labor market health before the Great Recession), hourly wages for the vast majority of American workers have been flat or falling. And ever since 1979, the vast majority of American workers have seen their hourly wages stagnate or decline. This is despite real GDP growth of 149 percent and net productivity growth of 64 percent over this period. In short, the potential has existed for ample, broad-based wage growth over the last three-and-a-half decades, but these economic gains have largely bypassed the vast majority.

The poor performance of American workers’ wages in recent decades—particularly their failure to grow at anywhere near the pace of overall productivity—is the country’s central economic challenge. Raising wages is the key to addressing middle-class income stagnation, rising income inequality, and lagging economic mobility, and is essential to moving families out of poverty. EPI’s Raising America’s Pay initiative and the initiative’s overview paper (Bivens et al. 2014) explain in detail why raising wages is essential to improving Americans’ living standards.”

Click on the link below for the full story.

2014 Continues a 35-Year Trend of Broad-Based Wage Stagnation | Economic Policy Institute.

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From Rush Limbaugh to the Economic Policy Institute, the Obama Administration is under attack for illegally allowing American workers to be replaced by H1-B workers in violation of US law. Below is a letter to Obama’s US Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez asking for an investigation of this well chronicled illegal activity on the part of corporate leaders. American workers have been forced to train their lesser paid H1-B replacements. The difference between the old higher wages earned by American workers and the new lower wages and benefits paid to H1-B workers goes straight into the pockets of the 1 percent. In other words, the H1-B program is used to redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent via higher corporate CEO pay, higher profits, rising dividends and soaring share prices.

Hon. Thomas Perez
United States Department of Labor
200 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20210

Dear Mr. Secretary:

Several newspapers and journals, including Computerworld and the L.A. Times, have reported that Southern California Edison (SCE), a public utility, has laid off hundreds of its U.S. employees and replaced them with H-1B guestworkers employed by the India-based IT services firms Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services. As my colleague, Ron Hira, has written, “Adding to the injustice, American workers losing their jobs are being forced to do “knowledge transfers,” an ugly euphemism that means being forced to train your own foreign replacement.”

As you know, the law (the Immigration and Nationality Act) forbids the hiring of H-1B temporary foreign guestworkers whose employment would “adversely affect the wages and working conditions of U.S. workers comparably employed.” Clearly, taking away the jobs, wages and benefits of the laid-off SCE employees does adversely affect their wages and working conditions.

You have authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act to investigate this case, but I have seen no announcement that you intend to do so or that you share my sense of outrage that the H-1B program is being abused in such an egregious way. I hope that we will soon learn that the Department of Labor intends to investigate and remedy this harm to skilled U.S. workers who have pursued education and training in a technical field, worked hard, and played by the rules. Our government should, at the very least, ensure that its programs, including its visa programs, are not used to destroy the careers and financial security of its people.


Ross Eisenbrey
Vice President
Economic Policy Institute

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When the government increases taxes on the rich, they have less money to purchase politicians, which means government can pretty much follow policies the majority of voters want, such as creating jobs by spurring the demand for goods and services. Minnesota’s next-door-neighbor is Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker slashed the state’s budget and programs in order to make room for millions of dollars of tax cuts for mostly out-of-state billionaires and millionaires. The result was a decrease in demand for goods and services and nearly last in the nation in job creation.

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The above is as true as can be, otherwise, why would Wall Street Democratic Senator Ron Wyden be on the same side as Wall Street Republican Senators Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell when it comes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Why are Wall Street Democratic President Barack Obama on the same side as Wall Street Congressman Paul Ryan when it comes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Why are former Wall Street Senator Hilliary Clinton on the same side as Wall Street Republican Senator Marco Rubio? Wall Street investment banks, and several billionaires, own all of these politicians and more. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a massive scam that will redistribute even more income and political power from the 99 to the 1 percent, even though the 1 percent now steal 37 percent of all income produced in the United States, up from 8 percent in 1980. So who do all of these Democrats and Republicans work for? Oh, that’s right: Wall Street.

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