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My dentist says that Obama intends to be a war president. That’s the easiest way for Obama to win reelection. So why not attack our arch enemy Iran. Besides, they have a ton of oil. So first you paint their leaders as warlike crazies, even if the Iranians haven’t attacked another nation in maybe a thousand years. Then you get US intelligence agencies to suggest the Iranians are going to manufacture nuclear bombs and that they’re going to attack the United States. And why wouldn’t the Iranians want to launch a nuclear strike against the US? Well, I’ll play devil’s advocate here. Perhaps the Iranians don’t want to attack the US because they don’t have the capabilities, and maybe they don’t want to commit mass suicide. But they are crazy. Therefore, logic shouldn’t apply here since crazy people don’t have any. Okay, the idea that the Iranians will attack us is complete nonsense.

Click here for the story about how US intelligence agencies are predicting the massive Iranian attack


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