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The Iranian nuclear deal has done something quite wonderful. It has lowered oil prices by ending the US led embargo of Iran’s products, including oil. Iranian oil is now flooding the international markets, driving the price of oil and gasoline down. Some people in the USA are not happy with this deal, notably Republicans. One has to wonder, however, if that’s because of that oil flooding the world’s markets, or if they’re really worried the Iranians will violate the agreement, launch a suicidal nuclear assault on the United States, which would be a calamity for the Iranians since there would be a dust heap afterwards where the nation of Iran once stood, especially considering the success these same people claim for the US missile defense shield.

One has to wonder if the deal to keep Iran embargoed was intentionally to keep its oil off the world market, which drove oil and gasoline prices higher than they would otherwise have been. In other words, the effect of the Iranian embargo was to redistribute money from the 99 percent to investors and executives of Big Oil. The lack of a nuclear deal kept that embargo in place. Was this a strange coincidence? Or a master plan?

Big Oil is a big supporter of the Republican Party. Did the president strike a deal with the Iranians with an eye toward driving the price of oil and gasoline down, as well as Big Oil’s profit margins. The president’s deal may lower campaign contributions to the Republicans from the masters of this sector of the economy.

The Iranians have never been a threat to the United States, and they won’t be even if they violate any agreement to not produce nuclear weapons. The truth is that the Iranians entered the fray against ISIS at the behest of the Americans many months ago. They also offered to join with the US to eliminate Al Queda in Afghanistan after 9-11. However, President George W. Bush found it convenient to paint the Iranians as a dangerous threat to the US in order to jack up profitable military spending. That administration also most likely did not want Iranian oil flooding the world markets.

Perhaps President Obama had this in mind when he sealed the deal, and perhaps lower gasoline and oil prices is just a happy coincidence.

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Why Solar Power Is Not Feasible

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The corporate media of the one percent has been painting the rulers of Iran as a bunch of war mongering, insane crazies willing to attack the United States, thereby committing suicide. That’s nonsense. Always has been. Iran has been made out to be something it is not by the US corporate propaganda networks so as to give the 99 percent a boogie man to fear. The one percent owns those companies. Here’s something the US media of the one percent never mentions. Iran hasn’t attacked another nation in hundreds of years, and it’s government is anti-Al Queda. Our government officials are the crazies to fear in their eyes. Think about George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the illegal and unwarranted invasion of Iraq and you get the picture.

Now the Iranians are saying something nice about President Obama that the US media doesn’t want us to hear. So click on the story below and you’ll notice it’s not from the mainstream US media. Notice I used the word “mainstream.”

The Iranian Crazies Aren't So Crazy

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The United States needs a vicious, hostile, bitter and super powerful boogie man in order to keep scaring the American people into supporting a military that is larger than the rest of the world’s combined armed forces. It’s a profitable rackett. Also, it comes in handy when this awful super villian of a nation happens to be very weak and hasn’t attacked another country in hundreds of years. That marks the perfect victim, especially if it has oil. And did I mention this is a reelection year? If Obama becomes a war president, then his chances for reelection rise astronomically if the US military spanks the bad guys of Iran.

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