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The Big Banks are at it again and nobody is listening. Not a single bankster went to trial for the numerous crimes they committed during the last recession, including laundering Mexican drug cartel money, fraud, racketeering, tax evasion, manipulating credit ratings, conspiring to rig housing prices (which is why house prices and rent keep going up), and much more. See The Big Banks are Manipulating the Housing Market, and Another Big Bank Pays an $800 million Fine for Drug Laundering and Nobody Goes to Trial.

Richard Rodriquez needs your help to overcome a banking giant. Rich was the victim of an overzealous manager at US Bank who rigged a credit rating higher than it should have been. That means US Bank is fiddling with credit rating numbers, making them look better than they are. Doesn’t that sound like 2008 all over again? Rodriquez blew the whistle and now needs your help to bring down the corrupt giant. Listen to his story in the video above and decide for yourself.

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Help support the FDIC Whistle Blower by clicking on this link

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Support An FDIC Whistleblower

I received the following information from a friend. It’s legit. There is a link below in which you can receive more information.

The letter is from the informant.

“Hi –

I’m an FDIC whistleblower, and I need your support.

My Story:
I work at a major national bank with senior executives in New York City.

I had been asked to book a loan, a multiple million dollar loan, when it was inappropriate to do so. These types of actions are the types of things that gave us the most recent financial crisis. Booking loans to make money. Booking loans to make people look good. Not listening to what others have to say.

I’m hiding my face right now because when I make my disclosure to the bank officials and to the FDIC they will want to surly crush me.

Please help me. I need to hire an attorney to defend me against the bank. Your support help will help, in just little way, reduce the likelihood of the next financial crisis. I ask for your support so I may disclose to the bank at the highest level and to the FDIC the types of malfeasance that I have observed.

Thank you.

Adam Smith”

Click here to view the video and support the FDIC Whistleblower

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